Get Some Tea: 8 People Who Forgot How To Sing

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8 People Who Forgot How To Sing

Voices come and go. Artists have their abilities and their peaks, but eventually voices can betray them. That’s exactly what happened with these singers. Somewhere along the lines they forgot how to sing. Take a look.

Lauryn Hill – Maybe it’s the tax issues, but she stopped being good a long time ago.

Madonna – Remember when she had the best voice of the 80s? Okay, that never happened but she didn’t suck like she does now.

Ginuwine – Well…you saw it!

Jodeci – They totally fell off, especially JoJo, who can’t keep it together to save his life.

Britney Spears – She was never the best singer but she definitely struggled after she went crazy.

Fergie – We can’t handle the shrieks.

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    Bobby Brown – Yeah, drugs will do that to you.

    Gwen Stefani – She hasn’t been her best as of late. Poor baby.

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