Diva Disaster: Beyonce’s Most Embarrassing Moments

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Beyonce’s Most Embarrassing Moments

Beyonce’s most embarrassing moments are probably better than some of our best moments. But we still have to take some time to crack some happy jokes at her expense. So we thought we’d share some of her most embarrassing moments.

Sorry, Bey. Don’t scream at us.

beyonce flying over detroit fans

Crazy Fan – She got her head caught in a fan on stage…at least she was a good sport about it.


The Tumble – Back when she was doing her B-Day tour, she fell down the stage steps while doing “Ring The Alarm.” She was so embarrassed that all the clips got pulled from the Internet.


The PR Blocks – When pictures of her crazy facial expressions hit the net after the Super Bowl, her PR team asked that they got taken down. It was pretty embarrassing.


Acting – Yes, it’s embarrassing every time she acts.

2013 BET Awards - Ford Red Carpet

Michelle Falling During Destiny’s Child Performance- This didn’t happen to Beyonce directly, but it made us feel embarrassed for her for being near it.

Inaugural Swearing In

Lip-syncing – She had that triumphant Inauguration performance…then had to admit she sand with a pre-recorded track.

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    Embarrassing Royalty – During a performance in March, Beyonce held the mic up to a fan who didn’t know her lyrics. That fan? Princess Eugenie. Whoops!

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