UPDATE: Dez Bryant Responds To Groupie Slore Claims That He Likes Gettin’ Pee’d On And Booty Toys!

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Another day, another dirty ho airing out an athletes dirty laundry

Groupie Posts Kinky Text Messages Allegedly From Dallas Cowboy’s Dez Braynt

The folks at BlackSportsOnline posted a story that made us spit water across the room.

Apparently an unidentified baller spunk-bucket decided to hit Twitter armed with screen shots and tweets from the athletes that she has inhaled, swallowed, and ridden over the years.

One of these kinky competitors is said to be star receiver Dez Bryant and let this 140-character ho tell it, he’s into some very R.Kelly-esque type isht.


The folks at BallerAlert spoke to Dez’s camp and not only do they insist that Dez is not the booty bandit that this broad is trying make him out to be, but they also had text messages to prove it!

SMH…these hoes don’t even know enough sports to know who they are putting on blast, then she’s gonna blame the writer! S.M.H.

If you haven’t seen the initial texts that set this whole anal fiasco off you can hit the flip to read the tall tales.

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