Too Juicy To Be True: 10 Greatest Internet Hoaxes & FAKE Rumors & Lies

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The biggest challenge of reporting exclusive gossip is separating internet hoaxes/fake rumors from the truth. Naturally, some fake stories slip through the cracks and grow into Twitter obsessions/memes but the rest are usually too wild, juicy or flat-out hilarious to be true.

Here are the ten greatest internet hoaxes, FAKE rumors & lies. Take a look.

Pres. Obama cameo in the “Whoomp There It Is” video?

Easily one of the greatest fake rumors ever that many new outlets attempted to report. No, seriously.

Miguel accidentally tweeted himself out the closet?

Everyone’s favorite glittery R&B pixie appeared to sashay out the closet (in the most expected moment ever) but no record of the drop-kicky diva tweeting this exists.

Yo Gotti ruined fitteds with planet-sized head?

Funniest fake story of 2013? No question.

Buy KFC chicken sammich, get the new Ciara album FREE?

Saddest part of this hilarious internet hoax is that everyone including her own fans believed it. Poor Cici.

Desperate BeyHivean tries to trade baby for Beyonce tix

SomewhereinAmerica, this has probably happened. Like, forreal.

Hovvie Hov’s secret tropical love child

Very few celebs have more skeletons stuffed in their gold-plated closets than King Camel who lies about everything with the utmost bravado but THIS story was never proven true.

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    Rick Ross, Wing Spot killer?

    There’s nothing unbelievable about a walrus-built, food-obsessed rapper eating up all the chicken in his own wing spot which gave this fake story legs.

    Lil Kim rushed to the hospital for a love juice overdose?

    By now, we’ve all heard the legend of Biggie’s thirstball mistress being rushed to the hospital and having a gallon of love juice pumped from her stomach. Nope, never happened.

    Lady Gaga has man & lady parts. At the same damn time.

    Before she was the raw meat-wearing Queen of Bizarro-Pop, there was widespread suspicion that she had, uh, extra equipment and people genuinely believed it.

    Infamous Million Man March For Trayvon photo

    This iconic picture of millions gathering for a Trayvon rally on the Golden Gate Bridge in San Fran? 100% FAKE.

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