Famously-Flawed: 10 Celebs With Physical Defects [Photo Gallery]

- By Bossip Staff
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Celebs are placed on the highest of pedestals but they’re far from flawless and often have very human imperfections that make them relatable to the masses.

Here are ten celebs with physical deformities, mutations or odd flaws. Take a look.

DJ Paul, liddo “baby arm”

Sanaa Lathan, clubbed thumbs

Denzel Washington, struggly pinky finger

D-Roc (Ying Yang Twins), finger nubs on left hand

Megan Fox, clubbed thumbs

Forest Whitaker, wonky eye

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    Seal, scarred face

    Vince Vaughn, missing tip of thumb

    Stephen Colbert, deformed ear

    Joaquin Phoenix, cleft lip

    Photo credit: Topsy

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