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Celebrity choreographer Chris Grant dishes on Beyonce, MJ and his relationship with Diddy after not making the band!

Celebrity Choreographer Chris Grant Talks Working With Beyonce, Michael Jackson And Diddy

There’s certainly no shortage of talented young people in the entertainment industry these days, and 25-year-old celebrity choreographer Chris Grant is certainly one in the number.

In addition to working closely with Mrs. Carter after he caught the eye of legendary choreographer and Bey’s long-time right hand man Frank Gatson as a contestant on MTV’s “Making The Band,” Chris also made even more of a name for himself when he was chosen to be a dancer on Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” tour.

We caught up with the extraordinary talent for a quick chat and he gave us some inside scoop on working with both Beyonce and MJ, how King Bey treats the staff close to her, his relationship with Diddy after not making the cut for Day 26, and more.

On how he linked up with Beyonce:
“[Beyonce’s Creative Director] Frank Gatson saw me on ‘Making The Band.’ He was impressed with my dancing and thought I was very talented so he asked me to do a routine. It was around the time that “Single Ladies” was out, so I did a routine to that and he loved my version.”

On similarities between Beyonce and MJ:
“Just that both of them know their brand. Beyonce knows her body when it comes to choreography.

She knows the look. She loves to try out new things. She’s hood but she wants to be sexy but not too sexy. She wants to make sure that it’s good for the kids to watch.

She’s like a machine to me. Everytime I rehearse with her, she had me do it like 500 times and she’s not even tired. It’s just her watching me and taking everything I’m doing and changing it and making it her own. She’s like the female MJ.”

Chris also talked about how it felt to work with aspiring dancers for Pepsi’s “Dance For A Chance” contest as someone who used to be one himself, the current status of his relationship with Bad Boy bossman Diddy and rumors about Beyonce being a “diva” to her staff.  

Hit the flip for the rest of our chat with him.

On working with aspiring dancers who were chosen to do a fan video for “Grown Woman” as a part of Pepsi’s “Dance For A Chance” contest:
They worked really hard and I was proud of them. I know what it was like to be in their shoes so the fact that they took the experience and stuck it out, rehearsing things 30 or 50 times…I just really appreciate their hard work.

On the rumors about Bey being a diva and the most surprising thing about working with her:
I’m not the type to believe in rumors unless I see it for my own eyes. They talk about divas but I never got that from her. I feel like I’m a part of her family. She makes you feel comfortable. She loves to joke around. She’s like a big sister to me and I really appreciate that.

[The most surprising thing to me was that] Bey can really sing and dance at the same time. And how sweet she was and how inviting she was to me.

On his relationship with Diddy now:
“Me and Diddy are cool. I was actually offered a job to work for Diddy but I couldn’t do it because I was already working on another job. Maybe later on down the line. He’s told me ‘I’m proud of you.” He was like ‘don’t ever think you owe me anything.” He’s just a really nice guy.

With a resume this impressive at the tender age of just 25 years old, Chris Grant definitely sounds like one to watch. Do you remember him from “This Is It” or “Making The Band 3?”

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