Love/Hate Thing: 10 Most Annoying But Talented Celebs

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Most folks have love/hate relationships with certain celebs who are aggravating yet undeniably talented like everyone on this list. Why they can’t just STFU and entertain, we’ll never know, but they’re notorious for alienating their own fanbase and potential fans.

Here are the ten most annoying but talented celebs. Take a look.

Tamar Braxton

The muppet-faced soulstress is silly, messy and petty with one of the BEST voices in R&B. It’s quite conflicting.

Chris Brown

Say what you want about the crackish R&B diva, but he’s one of the greatest double threats ever who dances (and backflips in glittery combat boots) like no other.

Yeezy Kardashian

Before he was enslaved and reprogrammed by Kris Jenner, he was one of the biggest Hip-Hop artists alive with an undeniable catalog that’s now overshadowed by his stressful Kardashian problems.


The self-proclaimed “light-skinned Keith Sweat” wins with “Why won’t she text me back?”-simpery/tear-stained lyrics that are sometimes waaaaay WAY over-the-top.

Jennifer Hudson

She’s the QUEEN of Alarm Clock Soul without an inside voice or volume knob. Incredibly-talented? Absolutely, but all those power shrieks, squawks and squeals are stressful.


When Wale isn’t whispering fake-deep haikus on records or attacking his own fans on Twitter, he’s actually a skilled lyricist who could be bigger if he weren’t so emotional.

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    K. Michelle

    The Queen of Section 8 Soul and her construction paper-colored weaves is mostly unlikable and messy but you can’t deny her powerful voice.

    Tyler Perry

    The zillionaire writer/director built a mega-successful movie empire wearing fatsuits, lipstick and wigs, which is cool, if you ignore the obsessive finger-wagging in his newer movies. Cheat on your spouse and you’ll be “punished” with HIV? Really?

    Joe Budden

    He doesn’t exist when you close your Twitter app yet acts like a Hip-Hop icon. Lyrically-undeniable, it’s a damn shame that he’d rather Instagram himself blowing hookah smoke light-skinnededly than focus on his solo career.

    Lady Gaga

    The bizarro Pop Goddess/cult leader tries WAY too hard to be “weird” and often seems desperate for attention. A raw meat dress in public? Too far.

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