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Bossip Exclusive: “LaLa’s Full Court Life” Star Dice Dixon Talks Coming Out, Wearing Dresses, and Honey Nut Cheerios

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One of the issues on the show has been your sexuality and you being more open with it publicly. How long have you known you are attracted to women?

I didn’t start dating women until college, at age 20. So it was late. In high school, I had maybe two boyfriends, but that was never my life. Not because I didn’t like boys, but because I was an athlete, I played varsity softball for three years, I was involved in student council. I was very involved in school, I worked, I had a lot going on. I didn’t start dealing with women until I got to college. I knew then. When I did come out to my family, they said “Oh, we already knew that.”

But having it known on TV, that was kind of hard because for the first time in my life, I’m in front of the camera. Always being around my cousin, I was used to being behind the scenes. That was always her in the front; that was always her on the radio, MTV/TRL, acting and all of that. Now the cameras were there and the producers approached me saying “people want to know more about you. You have to let us into your life. You have to let that be known so people can connect with you.” I had to sit back and think about it because that’s a big step for people to really know who you are. I prayed about it and went forth. Honestly, that was one of the best episodes ever. The talk that we had with Kelly Rowland, my cousin, Po, we were in Turks & Caicos when I really came out. I’ve gotten such positive feedback from people who say I’m an inspiration and helped them come out to their family, or asking for advice on how they can come out. So I’m glad I did it. Now, in the fourth season, you don’t even realize the cameras are there. It’s no holds barred, now. You’re just totally out there.

It’s great to hear that she was able to inspire so many just by embracing who she is. Has Dice’s forwardness inspired any of you?



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