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Bossip Exclusive: “LaLa’s Full Court Life” Star Dice Dixon Talks Coming Out, Wearing Dresses, and Honey Nut Cheerios

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So, let’s talk about Honey Nut Cheerios.

It’s amazing how media will take something and run with it. When my cousin had the conversation with Melo, he said that’s not even what KG [Keven Garnett] said to him. If you watch basketball, everybody knows KG talks trash on the court. That particular time, maybe KG was on one and was just talking all kind of other trash, but Melo said that’s not what he said. Again, media takes things, runs with it, and turns it into a big thing. But I just wanted to make sure that I was there for my cousin just to show her support. She was coming from the thought of “Why am I involved? You’re the guys on the court. Why bring family into it? I don’t even play basketball.” But that’s how it goes. I guess when they’re trash talking, to really give you a low blow, they’ll bring family into it. It’s sad that it overshadowed what it really was: a basketball game. Then the next time the Knicks played the Celtics, that was all that was talked about. Then there was another game during the playoffs where it was brought up again by a guy talking trash from the bench. You don’t even play! Everyone reached their breaking point and La responded via social media, which I’m sure everyone saw.

What would you say to accusations that LaLa actually calls the paparazzi on herself?

Not that I know of, and I’m with her all the time. But you have to realize, the places that paparazzi catch her are the places that paparazzi are at. Events and things like that. But, if some celebrities ARE doing that, it’s like Jay Z said “Photo shoot fresh. Gotta call the paparazzi on myself.” People are going to say all kinds of things.

She’s certainly got a great story and is making a lot of moves. Did you watch Season 4 of “LaLa’s Full Court Life?” Will you tune in next season?



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