Waka Flocks Talks About Relationship With Nicki Minaj

Rumor Control: Waka Flocka Confirms Whether Or Not He And Gucci Mane Smashed Nicki Minaj To Smithereens!

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Did Waka and Gucci smash Nicki at the same damn time??

Waka Flocks Talks About Relationship With Nicki Minaj

In a new interview with Hot 97, Waka addressed Gucci’s latest Twitter melt-down and rejects the idea that his ex-friend got hacked:

“I don’t believe it. I already said ‘Don’t say that you got hacked.’”

“I feel like if you’re getting that much money why are you worrying about people? I don’t know. He’s lame man. That’s a real lame right there. It’s like a couple of people believe him. I’m like ‘How do y’all believe this lyin’ a*s n*gga?’”

Waka also sets the record straight and confirms whether or not he had sex with Nicki Minaj to help pop off her rap career. The rapper lets everyone know that his mom Deb Antney is the one who actually helped Nicki the most:

“H*ll no. Even half that stuff. You know how many bragging points… that’s something to rap about right there…That’s the homie [Nicki Minaj] though I ain’t even gonna lie. Like, she a stand up woman my n*gga. She wasn’t showing no symptoms of opening them legs at all. She had a real golden plan. Like ‘I came down here to turn up.’ Period.’ When I see her gun Gucci down, and gun someone else down, I’m like that’s out of the question. That’s my mom’s investment…For the record, my mother brought her down there [to Atlanta.] She came with my mother. Gucci didn’t know her from a can of paint. He didn’t know who the h*ll she was.”

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