Pure Struggle: A Gallery Of Celebs With The WORST Hairlines & Edges

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Healthy hairlines and edges are like GOLD in today’s vanity-plagued society. Without them, most folks are dead inside, especially women with struggly, perm-fried, weave-torn edges.

Here’s a photo gallery of celebs with the absolute WORST hairlines & edges. Take a look.

Stevie Wonder-Los Angeles-WENN

Stevie Wonder


UNC-Charlotte head basketball coach Alan Major

Naomi Campbell-London-WENN

Naomi Campbell

Soccer star Gervinho-London-WENN

Soccer star Gervinho

LeBron James-Los Angeles-WENN

LeBron James

Azealia Banks-Florence-WENN

Azealia Banks

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    Wayne Brady-New York-WENN

    Wayne Brady

    Jamie Foxx-Hollywood-WENN

    Jamie Foxx

    John Legend-Paris-WENN

    John Legend

    Ne-Yo-New York City-WENN


    Soulja Boy-Atlanta-WENN

    Soulja Boy

    Serena Williams-WENN

    Serena Williams

    Tyra Banks-Los Angeles-WENN

    Tyra Banks

    Roland Martin-Atlanta-WENN

    Roland Martin


    Susan Taylor

    Photo gallery: Topsy, Instagram & ESPN.com

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