Idris Elba Covers GQ, Talks Ex-Girlfriend Lying About Son's Paternity

Magazine Covers: Idris Elba Opens Up To GQ Magazine About Discovering His “Son’s” True Paternity

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…on unleashing his emotions in Luther:

He was filming the Luther pilot. This was 2010. And there was this scene in the script: Luther’s married but separated from his wife, played by the actress Indira Varma. He hopes to reconcile, only to find out that she’s moved on and is dating another man. The script called for a furious Luther to, among other things, slam a door.
“And you have to understand, I had just gone through the worst thing in my life with, you know…”

The Florida thing.

“Yeah. So Luther came at a time where, you know, it was gaga therapy for me, man. Stupid. I was like, ‘I’m going in…’ And that is what I fawking did. I’ll tell you: I did that take, and I remember the room…Indira Varma, the beautiful Indian actress—beautiful girl… The crew were at this end of the room, all packed in. Indira was over there. And I fawking let go. Like, all kinds of shit happened in my head. I mean—blitz. Fawked up this door, I mean fawked this fawking door up. The emotion was going so long after the fucking actual scene was ended that everyone sat in silence. Indira was in fucking tears; I was in tears.”

The camera was still rolling. No one knew what to do. The silence just kept going. And then, finally, someone called, “Cut.”

We love this man!!! Can’t wait to see the Mandela movie.

Peep a behind the scenes video from the feature below:

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The issue hits stands September 24th.

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