The Sads: Celebrities Who Never Seem Happy About Anything

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1aaKanye West and Fabolous

Celebrities Who Always Seem Sad

Rich. Getting laid. Famous. Why would a celebrity have any reason to be sad these days? Whatever the case, these celebrities are always sad and angry and may need a hug.


Drake – It’s like he breaks up with a girl everyday.

Kanye West 1

Kanye – Sigh, another day, another rant.


Kobe Bryant – He’s always grumpy on the court even though he’s got the rings. Why so sad?

chris brown 3

Chris Brown – He’s always fighting someone over he fact HE beat up Rihanna. Sigh.

Nicki Minaj wearing a 'Love Dirty' t-shirt and sporting her $500,000 diamond ring as she was seen leaving Crustacean restaurant in Beverly Hills,

Nicki Minaj – Why’re you always spazzing boo boo?


Eminem – Smile, man. Damn.

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    Kid CuDi – He popularized emo because he’s the saddest person ever.


    Azealia Banks – Put the Tweets away and make friends, oh lonely one.


    Lupe Fiasco – Rah rah conspiracy conspiracy zzzzz.

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