Herp Or Nah? A Gallery Of Celebs With “Mysterious” Bumps On Their Lips

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Clapback Queen Rihanna recently SPAZZED on a fan who asked about one the many “mysterious” lip bumps that have popped up over the years. With paparazzi following their every move, it’s nearly impossible for celebs to hide breakouts or Herp flare ups cold sores in celeb-obsessed America.


Here’s a photo gallery of celebs with “mysterious” bumps on their lips. Take a look.

Rihanna-Los Angeles-WENN


Kim Kardashian-Frankfurt-WENN

Kim Kardashian

Justin Timberlake-Los Angeles-WENN

Justin Timberlake

Victoria Beckham-Cannes-WENN

Victoria Beckham

Rich Boy-Los Angeles-WENN

Rich Boy

Paris Hilton-New York City-WENN

Paris Hilton

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    Jessica Biel-Los Angeles-WENN

    Jessica Biel

    Delonte West-Los Angeles-WENN

    Delonte West (aka the infamous NBA filth monster who allegedly smashed Lebron’s mama)

    Katie Holmes-New York-WENN

    Katie Holmes

    Lindsay Lohan-London-WENN

    Lindsay Lohan

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