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Breezy’s bad habits are really causing big problems on the homefront. A source who claims to be close to Chris Brown reached out to BOSSIP regarding some big issues the singer is having with his mom and from what they had to say he is having a major struggle with drugs and the bad influences around him haven’t been of any help!

Here’s the details:

“The real reason Rihanna left wasn’t because of any female,” our spy tells BOSSIP. “It was because Chris’ crew, who he refers to as OHB are not good people. He wouldn’t get help for a drug problem, so she gave him an ultimatum and left.” From what the source says, Karrueche has also long been considered part of OHB.

Joyce Hawkins, Chris’ mom recently came to the same conclusion as Rihanna according to our source, and after a big blowout the singer unfollowed his mother on Twitter and she let it be known she wants nothing to do with his crew, asking that her followers not retweet “OHB” on her timeline.

“She’s fed up with Chris’ crew and when Chris came home for the first time last month, they completely disrespected her and he was high as a kite,” the source said of Breezy’s family feud with his mother. “She doesn’t know what else she can do for him, her nor Rihanna. They’ve tried to get him help and his drug dealing/gang banging friends keep supplying him with more drugs. He’s alienated his family and people who truly care about him for yes men and women who keep him high enough to use him.”

If that isn’t bad enough, our source says Breezy’s music career could even be in jeopardy!

“His album has already been pushed back because when he gets to the studio, he’s too high to hit notes,” the source told BOSSIP. “Everyone is just waiting for the other shoe to drop. Unfortunately it’s only getting worse.”

WOW! Do you believe it? We don’t see Breezy and Mama Joyce staying mad at each other for long though.

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