Get Your Lives Together: The Dumbest Things Teenagers Are Doing These Days

- By Bossip Staff
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Dumb Teenage Trends Happening Today

People always say that we’re going to hell in a hand basket because of the way kids act. Every generation has to deal with fear of the kids. But it seems like the 2013 kids are worse than any other one before. Sigh. Just look at these kids and their trends then hand the wheel right on over to Jesus.

Knockout –There’s a new game called Knockout where teenagers go around hitting unsuspecting people for no reason. It’s despicable.

Fight Clubs – High school kids have started a trend of scheduling fights at high schools as part of a weird “fight club.”

Freaky Flicks – Teenagers are now uploading freaky flicks onto popular websites. Anyone remember Amber Cole?

Social Media Fights – Teens are really getting gassed on social media to the point they start fights and even let police know they’re about to blast out on someone.

Popping Molly – Teenagers popping molly. Really? Don’t let Ross gas you.

Sizzurp – You do know this will kill you, right?

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    Alcoholic Socks – Teenagers are really putting alcohol in their songs so it can be absorbed into their feet and they’ll get drunk faster. Some teenagers have even died from it.

    Alcoholic Tampons – Girls are drenching tampons in alcohol and putting them…there to get drunk. It’s very popular amongst teens and some have died.

    Snapchat – Teens are sending Snapchat pics thinking they’ll go away, but some are finding ways to keep the pics forever. Smarten up, kids.

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