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She’s no Blac Chyna but one NYC workout fanatic has quite the “following” for her cakes.

She’s the latest Instagram celebrity being profiled by the NY Post:

“I’m recognized wherever I am,” says the 5-foot-6, 112-pound Jen Selter, who, since joining Instagram in March 2012, has amassed more 1.3 million followers, including Rihanna, football player Terrell Owens and basketball star Amar’e Stoudemire. “I don’t really go to public gyms anymore just because it is a whole big scene when I’m there,” says Selter. “I don’t like being watched.”

But she doesn’t mind being “liked.”

A seductive post of hers on the photosharing site — most of which are selfies of Selter in skintight gym wear — can easily rack up more than 70,000 likes.

“I don’t really post a lot of face pictures,” admits Selter, whose handle is @jenselter.

“I mainly do body selfies. Not that I care what people think, but they don’t care. They don’t want to see my face,” she says.

Selter, who skipped college for Internet stardom, won’t disclose how much she’s made on her fanny fame thus far. But deals with NYC water company NY20 and nutrition supplement company Game Plan Nutrition, for which she is a spokeswoman, have helped her rake in “a lot more money than a graduate would be making,” according to Selter.

Wait, hold up… an instagrammer with 1.3 million followers who posts nothing BUT photos of her BUTT in workout clothes doesn’t like being watched? ROTMFFLMMFAO!!! GTFOHWTBS dude.

Also, before this topic even comes up, Selter swears her cakes are the real thing and not fakes:

“My body’s all real . . . from boobs down,” adds Selter, who was profiled about her high school nose job in an April 2010 People magazine article about teenagers going under the knife.

“I grew up in Long Island. I’m Jewish. Jewish girls have big noses,” she says. “Probably 1 out of 3 girls I know [has] a nose job.”

Welp… We wouldn’t recommend you ladies drop out of school or quit your day jobs. Congrats on her achievements but chances are your degree will last a lot longer than Instagram fitness fame.

We’re not haters though. We’ve amassed a few photos of Jen here so you can see her #seltering for yourself and assess whether those cakes are official or not.

Check ’em out and make sure to weigh in down in the comments section.



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