Sorcery Gone Wrong: A Gallery Of Celebrity Photoshop Fails

- By Bossip Staff
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Celebs may seem flawless on magazine covers when, in reality, they’re flawed just like us and often need Photoshop sorcery to fix their cosmetic struggles.

Here’s a photo gallery of celebrity Photoshop FAILS. Take a look.

That awkward moment when a mag Photoshops the First Lady’s head onto her own body and it’s obvious.

Yes, that’s Katy Perry with crunchy Freddy Kruegery skin. Yikes.

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    Look closely. Pure Photoshop sorcery (unless Bey is a beautiful Octopus)

    Queen Bey thought she was slick with this create-a-thigh gap but the internet always wins.

    It’s like Kimmie’s fluffy muffin top never happened. Magic.

    Where’s Lena Dunham’s left arm?

    Photoshop sorcery? Nicki claimed her forehead was stretched out (like how Rihanna’s is naturally). You be the judge.

    Where’s Kylie’s left foot?

    Cmon now…

    1/4 of Adam Levine is missing. Photoshop gone terribly wrong.


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