Freak Outs: Celebrities Who Give The Worst Interviews

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Celebrities Who Give The Worst Interviews

We’re in an age of crazy interviews and sound bytes. It seems like every day someone is saying something totally crazy, racist or wild. Or nothing at all. These are those people. The worst interviewees in the world.

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Kanye West – You’ll only get one or two questions in before he starts ranting about who knows what.

katie weezy

Lil Wayne – He rarely makes any sense.


Paris Hilton – Stupid people say stupid things.


Dwight Howard – He’s all about lame jokes and being corny. We don’t want to hear it.

After stopping by the doctor's office and having breakfast at The Four Seasons, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West arrive at a friend's house in Beverly Hills. While getting out of the sleek matte black Lambourghini, Kanye may have slightly glazed the side of of the black Mercedes SUV with his suicide door, possibly Kim's car.

Kim Kardashian – She doesn’t really say much of importance either. Why would anyone interview her?

Herman Cain

Herman Cain – You ever hear him try to be President? He destroyed his damn career.

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    Kid CuDi – Ugh. It’s all sadness and emo stuff whenever he talks.


    Webbie – He also…makes no cot damn sense.


    Eminem – He’s all serious. Staring off into space like he’s half dead.

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