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Oh boy. Here we go again. Last week Nas’ daughter’s mother Carmen Bryan was reportedly trying to have him jailed for contempt of court for failing to pay $11K in back child support/tuition for their daughter Destiny. Now in a weekend interview with the Hip-Hop Socialite she reveals she doesn’t want to see him behind bars, she just wants him to get help for his “mental health issues.” Yikes…

Peep the excerpts below:

On Media Reports That She Wants Nas To Be Jailed:

“I do not want to see my child’s father go to jail. However, I do want to see him get the mental help that I believe he desperately needs. So this situation is a curse and a blessing with regard to the fact that there are some deep-rooted mental issues that I believe exist and need to be addressed.”

On Her Beliefs About Nas’ Mental Health Issues:

“Well first off, let me just say my experiences with Nas, my dealings with Nas, and my research all lead me to believe that he does suffer from bipolarism and he may be a paranoid schizophrenic. That’s my personal opinion based on my experiences and interaction with him. An incident occurred with Nas years ago when we were together. I came in the house, Destiny and I, and he was on the couch wrapped up in a blanket; his mom was on one side of him, his brother on the other side, there were a few more people in the house. My first reaction was, ‘Is everything okay? What happened?’ And that’s when Nas told me ghosts were haunting him again, and entities were whispering to him and touching him and bothering him. This is something that he mentioned when we first got together, but I had never experienced him ever experiencing it until that moment. So, I’ve witnessed this long battle with insanity.”

Whoa. Do you believe her? With all the stuff that she revealed when her book came out — why no mention of mental health issues before in her dealings with the press? Nas’ mother died before he married Kelis, so why not mention this incident before?

Hit the flip for Carmen’s explanation for why she decided to take the issue over Destiny’s tuition to court and what she claims Kelis had to say about his alleged mental health issues.



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