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Celebrities Who Played Strippers

You ever see a banging actress and think that you’d love to see her do a strip tease for you? Well, fantasize no more. These women put their skills on blast, portraying strippers in movies. Now let us know if you kept on rewinding to the beginning of the strip scene when you’d watch these flicks.

Halle Berry – She played a stripper way back in The Last Boy Scout but she didn’t show any skin.

Jessica Alba – She played a stripper in Sin City and will as well in the sequel.

Rose McGowan – She stripped in the B-movie Grind House.

Salma Hayek – She was in From Dusk Til Dawn and…what were we saying?

Lindsay Lohan – She was in a crappy movie called I Know Who Killed Me but at least she stripped.

Natalie Portman – She played a skripper on Closer but it was mostly just weird.

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Vivica A. Fox – She got it popping very briefly for Independence Day

Jessica Biel – She put her goods on blast for a flick called Powder Blue. Must. Buy. Now.


Bonus: Rihanna – She didn’t do this for a movie, but she damn sure was a stripper in that “Pour It Up” video. Also, any excuse to use this pic is glorious.


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