Tahiry Jose Talks New Calendar, College Degree, Playboy And Joe Budden

Exclusive: Tahiry Talks New Calendar, College Degree, Doing Playboy & Meeting Up With Joe Budden This Weekend

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Tahiry is showing the world why she has “the best body in the game”…. and dishing on meeting up with Joe Budden this weekend for the first time in months…

Tahiry Jose Talks New Calendar, College Degree, Playboy And Joe Budden

Tahiry Jose is a name most recognize from the Love & Hip Hop franchise but unlike many who venture into the wonderful world of reality TV just looking for 15 minutes of fame, she’s not your average chick.

BOSSIP recently caught up with the Harlem-born banger who’s in the midst of promoting her new Intimacy Calendar to get better acquainted with the lady building the brand and the educated hustlista on a mission to give the world a glimpse at the woman behind all those God-given cakes.

Check out what Tahiry had to say about her brand, Playboy, Joe Budden, giving back, her body, plastic surgery and more.


Your calendar is out today and your body looks phenomenal. Have you always been this comfortable in your own skin?
Yeah, you know I come from a family full of curvy women and even before I became known to the public, I was wearing things that I was comfortable in that always happened to show my shape as well.

I remember my very first shoot, I was nervous on the way there and I almost cancelled it. That was with King Magazine. I remember doing the”8 Mile” thing [referring to the scene in the movie where Eminem threw up in the bathroom because he was nervous before performing].  I was in the bathroom, gagging like “I can’t do this.” Then I got on set and they gave me my outfits and I put them on and….from then on, I’ve always been ready to shoot. It was like do or die and I didn’t die so, you know, it happened.

You said recently that you have the best body in the industry. What makes yours the best?
I’m 100% natural. I work really hard to keep my body intact. I’m not perfect, I’m not saying that I am. I have my flaws; I fight cellulite, I do squats and all kinds of things to keep it in tact, but I’m just saying, I’m one of the best bodies in the industry.

I haven’t gotten a spoiler kit yet [laughs]. You know how you take your car in and you get extra parts added or enhanced; I haven’t done that. I haven’t done anything to my body and you know, I’m not in my twenties. I have closed shoots now but, it wasn’t always like that so, I’ve been in photo shoots where I take my stuff off [around other models] and you know, I give these 20-year-olds a run for their money.

And like I said I haven’t done ANYTHING to my body. So, yeah, as far as I’m concerned, I am the best body in the industry.

Talk a little about your educational background before transitioning into entertainment:
Well, I went to John Jay College of Criminal Justice and I got a B.A. in Criminal Justice. I was interning for the NYPD and the year I was graduating, 9/11 happened. And a lot of the people that got stuck in those buildings were John Jay students so, the effects of that happening made [a career] in the Criminal Justice Field take a backseat for me and rethink the whole situation.

At the time, I was also bartending and I fell in love with that life. It kind of was my side hustle. And then after I got my degree, I started to work there full time and I became this hostess who then became the bartender who then became a cocktail waitress. So that became my passion and what I did full time.

During that time, I met this guy name Joe [laughs] and we started to date and the rest is history. Three years in, he bought a little Sony camera into the bedroom while I was sleep and fighting a cold and I cursed him out in my Spanish accent [on camera] and the next day, people wanted to see more. We didn’t know it would turn into what it turned into but, that led to covers and magazines and I would get stopped at school and I’d get stopped to do little independent films and videos but, I was shy and I was more on the school tip. Then, a few years later Joey & I did Joe Budden TV and it got bigger and bigger. And that’s how I wound up on Love & Hip Hop.

This was just the beginning of our chat. Tahiry also opened up about doing Playboy, whether or not she’d ever have plastic surgery, and who she’s dating now. Hit the flip for more from our interview, including a sneak peek at her new calendar full of cakes.



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