Swirly Dogs: Men Who Cheated With White Women

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Men Who Cheated With White Women

Kanye said it best: “when he get on, he’ll leave that a$$ for a white girl.” Well, these men are the real life embodiments of that lyrics. They are either Black men who cheated with White women or White guys who cheated on Black women with other White women. Either way, they are dirty dogs. Take a look.

Sugarbabies: A List Of The Most Spoiled And Scandalous Sugar Daddy Having Slores Of All Time!!

Tiger Woods – He cheated on Elin with a buffet of other White chicks. Damn, Tiger.


Kobe Bryant – He cheated on Vanessa with a White woman in Colorado… and almost went to jail for it.

chad-ochocinco-evelyn-lozada-urban-ink copy

Chad Ochocinco – He cheated on Evelyn with a dummy looking White woman and we just don’t get it.

*EXCLUSIVE* Robert Griffin III plays in the Hawaiian surf

RGIII – He’s been apparently checking out on his wife with another White woman, even as he walked down the aisle.


Tony Parker – He cheated on Eva Longoria with his teammate’s wife…not cool.

jordin sparks and jason derulo

Jason Derulo – Rumor has it he cheated with a woman of ill repute…you can’t do that to Jordin, though!

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    bacardi anniversary 290112

    Alex Rodriguez – He cheated on his wife with Madonna which is…ew.


    Arian Foster – He cheated on his wife with this woman and rumors were that he tried to get her to have an abortion.


    Reggie Bush – Remember those pics of him with the White woman making the walk of shame while he was with Kim? At least he managed to get a clone and make it okay.

    robin-thicke -groupie

    Robin Thicke – He did Paula Patton so wrong in pics like these.

    Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom out and about after Lamar's vehicle was in an accident with a motorcyclist and a 15 year old boy

    Lamar Odom – He bragged about cheating on Khloe with a ton of random chicks…some of them were White. Unless he was talking about that other “white”…no?


    Mike Nilon – How can he cheat on Garcelle, though?

    GLORY12 New York World Championship

    Tiki Barber – He cheated on his pregnant wife with this woman. Yes, he’s the worst.


    Magic Johnson – He cheated on Cookie with damn near every woman in L.A. But he learned his lesson.

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