Decoded: The Meaning Behind “#GTFOHWTBS”…And Other Confusing Internet Slang

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#NTTAWWT, #GTFOHWTBS #ICYMI….are you confused? Blue Ivy, Mimi, Columbus Short & more help explain the most confusing terms on the internet!

The Meaning Behind Popular Twitter Slang

The internet is a magical place but it can be confusing if you are to be of the un-pigmented variety and happen venture into the ever-evolving land of Black Twitter. Hell, you may actually find yourself among the “WTF” crowd even if you’re a Black Twitter regular.

But fear not. Whichever category you fall into, we’ve got you covered with a breakdown of some popular homemade terms frequently used on the internet and most likely to end up in the ever popular urban dictionary at some point in this life time.

So, relax your mind, let your conscience be free….and take a look. Oh and let us know if we missed anything in the comments section below…

“TBH” = To Be Honest

This term is used regularly in and outside of Black Twitter. Example: TBH, Draya gave zero fawks about giving Sundy a black eye.

NTTAWWT” = Not That There’s Anything Wrong With That

This term is most often used when commenting on sensitive subject matter & wanting to make it clear that you’re not trying to be offensive.  Example: EJ Johnson is king of the moobies & murses movement. #NTTAWWT.

“Slayed” = Did a very good job

In Black Twitter terms, saying someone has “slayed” something is the equivalent of saying he or she “killed it.” Example: Teyana Taylor gave Rihanna props for slaying the cover of Vogue Italia. Karrueche wept.

THOT = That Hoe Over There -OR- Them Hoes Over There

THOTs are all around us and usually come in packs. As the saying goes: hoes of a feather flock together. Or something like that. Example: See above.

LULZ = Plural form of “LOL”

Lulz is often used in place of “LOL” when someone wants to make it clear that they’re really laughing really harder than hard. Really, forreal. Example: Donald Sterling is banned from the NBA for Life. #Lulz.

“Laid” – Used to describe hair that is done very well.

This term will almost always be included a sentence that seems to make little or no sense whatsoever. Example: Yaaaasss, hunny, Miguel’s jacket hair was LAID like whaaaaaaa at the BET Awards!!”

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    “GTFOWTBS” = Get The F**k Outta Here With That Bullsh*t

    You can use this term at your leisure. It’s usually warranted. Example: “Kim Kardashian takes precedence over First Lady Michelle Obama? #GTFOHWTBS!”

    “ICYMI” = In Case You Missed It

    This term is frequently used on blog and media Twitter pages to sum up the foolery that happened during a news day. Example: #ICYMI, Taraji Henson slayed this Vogue Italia spread. See what we did there?

    “Or Nah?” = Or not?

    This term is most commonly used to ask a question to which the answer is already obvious…because…well..yeah, we don’t know why. It just is. Example: You wanna taste these pickled pop tarts…or nah?

    “To the gods” – …………..

    If something is done “to the gods,” you can also assume that it was done very well. Don’t try to figure it out any further, because you won’t. Example: “Her brows were SNATCHED TO THE GODS!!” (Still confused? Yeah, us too.)

    “IMO” = In My Opinion

    This term is often used as a disclaimer by someone who is about to say something unpopular……or just dumb as hell.  “Example: Sarah Palin and Ann Coulture shouldn’t get to have public opinions #IMO.”

    A “beat” face = phrase use to describe make up done very well

    Like “slayed,” “snatched” and “to the gods,” “beat” is used as a adjective to describe nice make up. Example:

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