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Actors Who Always Play The Same Role In Every Movie

There are two types of actors in Hollyweird: Those who can actually act and others who lack versatility and play the same character in every movie (no matter WHAT) like the typecast legends on this list.


Here’s a gallery of mostly terrible actors who play the same character in EVERY movie. Take a look.


Denzel Washington

Character: Genuine everyman with a New York accent and “trust me, I’m Denzel” smile who routinely risks his life to save love interests (See: “Deja Vu” or “2 Gunz”). Biggest movie SIMP in Hollywood? No debate.


Liam Neeson

Character: 61-year-old Kung Fu master/one-man army with a very particular set of skills that he uses in every movie.


Kevin Hart

Character: Fun-sized blabbermouth who behaves like a hyper 5th grader who never takes his meds.


Melissa McCarthy

Character: Female version of Chris Farley without any dignity or shame. 100% lovable and hilarious.


Adam Sandler

Character: Ultimate man-boy who always gets the girl despite acting like a grown 12-year-old.


Paula Patton

Character: A more annoying, slightly less terrible Halle Berry.

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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Character: Planet-sized action figure who punches everyone (and destroys everything) because why not?.


Tom Cruise

Character: Charismatic diva who finds a way to either A) stare intensely at people and things B) abandon his love interest or C) run…fast…from something.


Ice Cube

Character: “Craig” from “Friday” with a splash of “Bucum” from “All About The Benjamins.”


Jason Statham

Character: Stone-cold assassin with a heart of gold who specializes in car chases, hand-to-hand combat and mumbling while staring into the camera.


Jennifer Aniston

Character: Herself aka Rachel Green from “Friends.”


Michael Cera

Character: Shy, awkward, pathetic dweeb who you can’t help but root for.


Vince Vaughn

Character: Motor-mouthed joke machine who literally never stops talking. Ever.


Morgan Freeman

Character: Godly vessel of hope who brings a comfortable warmth to any movie.


Seth Rogen

Character: Hipsterish schlub without any game who’s always caught in awkward or creepy situations.

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