Bossip Presents David D.’s Week In Review: Cheating, Fatburger Fights And Losing It All

- By Bossip Staff

David D.’s Thoughts Of The Week

It’s the end of a short week AND it’s payday, so it’s time to enjoy life and clap a few times for Jesus! *does praise dance*

But before you enjoy your weekend, sit back and relax for a few thoughts from your truly. If you want these unfiltered goodies 24/7, then go ahead and follow me on Twitter. Now, we’ve had a lot to cover in this short week, so let’s get to it.

Twitter Ended A Marriage – Or not. I don’t know. A couple of days ago, some guy got in trouble for allegedly flying some side chick over to where he was even though he was married. And he was apparently publishing his business all over social media.


A few things here: Twitter and social media really gasses these fools up to think they can get any woman they want. We get inundated with pictures and tweets of all these women as if they’re some sort of dessert tray the waiter brings to you at the end of the meal. So what happens? These men start seeing women as subjects that they can get their pick of. So they start looking at their wives like THEY’RE the only reason the man can’t chop down women left and right. When in actuality, she’s the only thing keeping your sorry a$$ decent enough to get an IG like in the first place. Basically, men are idiots. Men, don’t be idiots. Let those IG likes and tweets chill for a bit. It’s not worth it.

T.I. and Tiny’s Beef – Dumb Internet comments of the week: “Why does T.I. even want Tiny’s [insert euphemism for unattractive] a$$?”

That’s his wife. End of story. No matter how famous he is and how many women he can get, that woman birthed all lemenhunnid of his children. Also, this is a lesson for men: no matter what kind of woman you think you can get in your divorce, a woman will find a man that will make you go crazy as hell. Oh, you don’t think Tiny’s face can get a man? Okay, watch her Instagram it up with a dude who is richer than T.I. and who could curb stomp him with his fists.

You insecure about your height? Your ex’s next man is going to be Greg Oden. Can’t grow a beard? She’s going to get with Daniel Bryan. It’s dark magic, man. Just don’t think your isht don’t stink.

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