Accidental Racism? Pop Stars Accused Of Cultural Insensitivity

Accidental Racism? Pop Stars Accused Of Cultural Insensitivity

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Gallery Of Celebrity Culture Vultures And Accidental Racists

We’re not sure when Pop music swerved into this deeply-ignorant place where shock value, offensive gimmicks and blatant culture vulturism (Hey Iggy) are more important than the actual music but that’s the reality in a very scandal-driven music industry.

Hit the jump for a shocking collection of misguided Pop stars accused of cultural insensitivity.

Katy Perry

Sassy mummy divas with obnoxiously massive booties and thick red lips? Hmm, that couldn’t possibly be offensive to a very specific group of people. SMH.

Miley Cyrus

Queen culture vulture Miley Cyrus doesn’t seem to understand why using Blacks as props is 100% wrong and continues to struggle twerk beside them in her wildly-trashy shows.

Katy Perry

At this point, it’s clear that the Grammy-nominated starlet loves negative attention and played Ancient Egyptian dress-up in the “Dark Horse” video where she burned a sacred Muslim symbol. Classy.

Iggy Azalea

An Australian woman who raps like she’s from the mean streets of Atlanta (or Memphis) dressed in a traditional Indian garb? Of course she was, and was SLAMMED for it.


What part of “NEVER wear a traditional Native American headdress if you’re NOT Native American” don’t celebs understand? It’s not a cool little prop to play with.

Lady Gaga

You would think a globally-known Pop star would know better than to try to make “Burqa swag” happen but nope, she didn’t, and was promptly slammed by the Muslim community.

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Andre 3000

3 Stacks’ controversial “Hey Ya” performance at the Grammys is the most iconic of his career mainly because it offended the entire Native American community.

Katy Perry (AGAIN)

And here we are, again, with yet another head-scratching example of Katy’s incredible ignorance. So incredible, that she’d mix Chinese and Japanese cultures (Same thing, right? NO) for a nationally-televised AMA performance.

Lily Allen

Remember when the British bad girl used big booty Black women as accessories in her “satirical” comeback video? Yea, terrible idea.

Selena Gomez

Bless Selena’s heart, she tried (and failed) with this “energetic” MTV Movie Awards performance that sparked outrage from the Indian community.

Lana Del Rey

Class, what have we learned about wearing traditional Native American headdress if you’re not Native America? DON’T DO IT (or face the consequences).


It’s no shocker than the God Mother of culture appropriation would steal from Japanese culture for shameless promo.

No Doubt

Blink and you missed the once popular group’s offensive “Looking Hot” video that was pulled from YouTube due to outrage from the Native American community.

Sky Ferreira

A collection of “boys in the hood” as accessories in an “urban” music video? Yea, NO.

Avril Lavigne

Asian women used as life-sized Harajuku dolls by a Canadian Pop rocker in a video (“Hello Kitty”)? Ehh, Probably not a good idea.


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