Don’t Matter If You’re Black Or White: Which Michael Jackson Are You? Take The Quiz And Find Out!

- By Bossip Staff

Rest in peace to the KANG……

Which Michael Jackson Are You?

Today marks 5 years since music industry icon Michael Jackson passed away at the age of 50. While the absence of his physical presence from pop culture is certainly felt among his millions of fans across the world, his unforgettable music legacy will surely live on for years to come.

So, which era of MJ music do you most identify with? Take our MJ quiz below and find out!

Your old school dance of choice at a party is…
The Moonwalk
The Wop
The Butterfly
The Cabbage Patch
The Robot
Which throwback fashion trend will you never let die?
Bell bottoms
Wave activator
Velour track suits
Skinny jeans
What’s your favorite MJ video?
Rock With You
Black Or White
Remember the Time
Pick one:
Animal print
Patent leather
When was the last time you did something in public someone could call strange?
This morning
It’s been awhile
What? Who does that?
Which Jackson sibling would want to spend a day with?
La Toya
Pick an animal:
Which of the following are you most likely to date?
A model
A nurse
An actor/actress
A friend
I don’t date
You got: You are Jackson 5 MJ
You’re the quiet type who is often overshadowed by the other members of your crew. Despite your shy demeanor, you’ve been known to take center stage when given the opportunity—especially on the dance floor because you’re a dancing machine. Moving to the beat of your own drum, you enjoy living life like it’s your second childhood. Haters gon’ hate, but you’re comfortable in your own skin. Well, for now… but that’s another story.
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You got: You are Dark-Skinned MJ
You are talented in so many ways but still too much of a kid at heart to fully realize it. Because of your daddy issues you’ve learned that it’s best to be the quiet type but you possess a voice that the world needs to hear. Until you master the art of self-confidence you deal with haters and exes who didn’t realize what they had until you’re gone by being rebellious. Some may call you off the wall for your peculiar ways, but it doesn’t phase you because you’re the type who don’t stop ’til you get enough.
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You got: You are Jheri Curl MJ
People in your circle often try to persuade you to follow the drip crowd because they believe it’s in your best interest, but you insist on telling them to beat it so that you can create your own lane rather than easing on down the yellow brick road that everyone else has. You live for the thrill of life and are always ready to be starting something because it’s in your human nature. You have a keen sense of intuition so although your ideas are usually too futuristic for most; people tend to find themselves trusting your judgment anyway.
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You got: You are Light-Skinned MJ
You’re the type of person who stands out in a crowd. There’s something different about you that most people just can’t quite figure out but you could care less because you’re just that bad. You enjoy life to the fullest but aren’t afraid to make drastic changes if you need to. Looks don’t matter to you because all you care about at the end of the day is just good friends and the way they make you feel. Anyone who can’t deal with that should just leave you alone. Yeah, just beat it. #ByeFelicia
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You got: You are Doobie Wrap MJ
You’re in a class all by yourself. People either love you or hate you, but they can never break you. It’s like you’re invincible to BS. No matter how many times haters point their finger at you, you always find a way to come out on top. Comfortable in your own skin—no matter how different it may be—you are who you are and refuse to be influenced by the perception of others. That’s why you keep your circle tight, with only a few close family and friends on speed dial. Trust doesn’t come easy for you and given your past experiences no one can blame you.
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