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Jason Kidd filed for divorce yesterday from his wife Joumana and here are some things he is alleging:

According to the court papers, Joumana’s “extreme cruelty” toward Kidd has included trying to make him look bad in front of the children by talking trash about his career – not to mention tossing paint on his beloved golf clubs.Kidd charges that his wife even recently used T.J. to “sneak into” the team’s locker room to rifle through his belongings and dig up dirt on him.On Dec. 27, she swiped his cellphone and then left the boy alone to take a front-row seat at the game – where she proceeded to openly taunt her husband with “personal insults,” the court papers allege.Sources said Joumana waved her hubby’s phone at him and punched in numbers from his personal address book as she screamed at him.Six days earlier, according to the papers, an irate Joumana sat on the hood of Kidd’s car and refused to budge, preventing him from getting to practice. “On other occasions, the defendant has laid in front of the plaintiff’s car in order to prevent him from attending professional obligations,” the papers claim. The “increasingly jealous and paranoid” Joumana, 34, also installed tracking devices on all of Kidd’s vehicles and computers to trace where he’s been and whom he’s been talking to, according to the legal document. Kidd says in the papers that his wife finally agreed to dismantle the devices after he confronted her – only to secretly reactivate them. Kidd also blames his wife for wildly lavish spending.

As we wrote yesterday, the drama early in the week sounded like some legal positioning by Jason and what do you know, he files for divorce. Jason is probably your typical cheater and Joumana is certfied crazy/interrupted. Click here to watch these crazy’s on MTV Cribs. When he beat up his wife over a french fry, they should of known this was a wrap a long time ago.




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