Talk It Out: A Gallery Of Celebrities With Speech Impediments

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Celebrities With Speech Impediments

Most of us like our celebrities to be well-spoken and all that. However, some had to work harder to get their points across than others. These celebrities had to overcome speech impediments through the course of their lives.

Rosie Perez – She had such a traumatic childhood that she developed a speech impediment she eventually recovered from.

Tiger Woods – He said he grew up stuttering and was able to use golf for refuge.

Tim Gunn – He had a stutter until he was 15 but look at him now.

Amina Buddafly – Poor poor Amina, cursed with a broke, dirty-footed baby daddy… and a lisp.

Joe Biden – He used to have a bad stutter too.

Samuel L. Jackson – He still has stuttering issues that he works out on a daily basis.

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    Keely Williams – The L in 3LW does not stand for lisp, but Keely repped hers proudly.

    James Earl Jones – He grew up with a stutter and was made fun of through his childhood.

    Maya Angelou – She didn’t speak really for years after the man who assaulted her was killed.

    Bruce Willis – He used to stutter until he got on stage one day and it stopped. So he kept acting to stop stuttering. Wild, huh?

    Barbara Walters – She had a terrible lisp growing up.

    Michael Phelps – He also has a lisp.

    Mike Tyson – Most famous lisp ever?

    Marilyn Monroe – She stuttered as a kid but grew up and nobody cared whether she stuttered or not.

    Russell Simmons – His lisp is also legendary

    Melissa Harris-Perry – So what she has a lisp? She’s still smarter than you.

    Busta Rhymes – He stuttered but he raps flawlessly. Go figure.

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