Luke James Dating One Of Beyoncé's Dancers

New Couple??? Luke James Proudly Reveals His Ginger Boo After Previously Deleting Photo Due To Hateful Comments

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We were wondering when he’d finally address the questions and it turned out that Sunday wasn’t just big for Luke James because of the BET Awards. It also became an opportunity to reveal to the world that he’s no longer single.

The JessicaRabbitesque redhead Luke James revealed was well received by some fans

but a number of cyber bullies on Instagram posted hateful things because Luke’s girl, Kim Gingras (she happens to be a dancer for Beyoncé) is white. Luke responded by deleting the post, then posting this.

He posted this in response to deleting his post, but Luke’s fans jumped in and told him he shouldn’t have deleted the post. Don’t you agree?

When he reposted the photo it included a new message that revealed how difficult it’s been for him to be open… She clearly makes him happy. Who can hate on that?

Anyway hit the flip for a few more photos of his newly revealed lady love.

Luke was already warming up to his reveal, as this post (fans were in the comments asking if Gingras was on the iPad) went up over the weekend.

Kim hasn’t been as shy about posting pictures

Kim posted this months ago yet managed to keep the relationship under the radar

We’re guessing this has been going on for quite some time since the two would have gotten to know each other well while Luke toured with Bey

She’s such a supportive girlfriend

Has been showing her support for awhile

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Luke’s ginger bae studied hip-hop dance in Montreal

but she’s also been up for burlesque… Lucky Luke!

French braids look good on the French-Canadian

Yosra El-Essawy

So Luke isn’t gay — for all the people who’ve been calling him suspect. He is a happily hetero swirler with a bootypoppin ginger bae who rolls with Bey!

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