Evelyn Lozada Paid A Settlement Due To Antoine Walker's Bankruptcy

BOSSIP Exclusive: Evelyn Lozada Explains How Antoine Walker’s Creditors Came After Her Reality TV Checks!

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Evelyn’s success actually cost her in this case…

Evelyn Lozada Paid Settlement As Part Of Ex Fiancé’s Bankruptcy

Earlier this week reports hit the web that Evelyn Lozada settled a lawsuit in regards to debts her ex-fiancé former NBA player Antoine Walker owed when he filed bankruptcy. According to Jasmine Brand reports, Evelyn was hit with a lawsuit by the trustee of her ex-fiance Antoine Walker’s bankruptcy case, who accused the reality star of being sent a series of bank wires by her ex over the years totaling over $600,000 — money the trustee believes should have gone to his debts. Lozada settled the case last year for $40,000.

BOSSIP spoke with Evelyn Lozada exclusively to get the details on exactly what happened and not only did she reveal inconsistencies in the amount she reportedly owed, she also denied claims that she was aware of Walker’s dire financial situation and that money he sent her was used to start her shoe business!

“That’s not true,” Evelyn told BOSSIP exclusively. “When we were in the process of breaking up, it was one of those long breakups, I started doing what I needed to do and saving my money because I wanted to open the store. It’s not like he ever said here is a lump sum to open the store. That never happened.”

As for the other details about the settlement that were made public this week, Lozada is most concerned that she’s being portrayed as someone who intentionally set out to help Walker hide his money. On the contrary, she says she had no idea Walker was in financial trouble at all during their relationship.

“This is the reality of it,” Lozada told BOSSIP exclusively. “When I received the legal papers in regards to this case, I was at a photo shoot with my ex when my ex-business partner told me some papers were being sent in regards to my ex-fiancé. I didn’t understand what I would have to do with his bankruptcies, aside from me being with him for ten years, because I had no inkling what was going on. At the end of the day it was his money.”

Without any insight into Walker’s accounts, Lozada had been carrying on as any other athlete’s wife or girlfriend would have.

“When we received the papers they thought I should have known, but the wires went all the way back in 2006,” Lozada reveals. “That was when he played in Miami, life was great for us, we had just gotten engaged. I would do things that any fianceé would do, like pay certain household bills. He had his own financial people. I didn’t do anything more than what most athlete’s wives do, most of them take care of the house and the kids and they take care of their man, it’s not easy. Even just talking to my friends who are married, they’re like, ‘What? This could happen to me?’ I’m like ‘Yes, if your man ever files bankruptcy they can come after you.”

“It’s like when you’re with somebody for so long… I worked for three years and life started to get crazy, I was traveling all the time and he did the same thing everyone did with their wife/fiancees.”

Hit the flip for more from Evelyn about how she made the decision to settle the lawsuit against her and why she was so upset about how her role in the matter has been portrayed.


While reports about the settlement cited legal documents claiming Walker wired Lozada over $600K, Evelyn begs to differ.

“I don’t know where that amount comes from because that wasn’t in my legal papers, the amount was three hundred thousand something,” Evelyn explained to BOSSIP. “When I asked my lawyer where they got that number he said they went all the way back to 2006. “If he’s supporting you, he sends wires every month. This is what they do. My ex has done interviews saying verbally he’s supported plenty of people, not just me. He had family members, ex-girlfriends.”

With that in mind, we asked Evelyn if she felt she was unfairly targeted by her exes creditors because of her public notoriety.

“My lawyer told me, ‘The only reason you’ve been served is your on television,’ Evelyn shared with BOSSIP. “I had two shows at the time, I had just finished filming “Basketball Wives,” I had the ‘Evelyn/Chad’ show and I was on book tour. They’re like oh you’re rolling in the dough. The creditors were thinking ‘she may have some money.’ I get it why they came after me but I didn’t do anything wrong. I was just in a relationship with this man, what are you going to do?”

Lozada says that despite her good fortune at the time she was hit with the lawsuit, she was hesitant to settle the suit because she didn’t feel she had done anything to warrant it.

“I didn’t want to settle for sh**,” Evelyn revealed to BOSSIP. “I didn’t do anything wrong. This man took care of me because I’m a woman. I’m doing what all the other wives do. My lawyer fees were more than my settlement because I was willing to go to trial. I had nothing to hide. It was really upsetting to me and that’s why it ended up being $40K. My lawyer said it’s not going to be nothing. I was going to have to pay something. I was trying to get it to $20K. This was the lowest it was going to be. I was like, ‘whatever I’ll pay it.”

After settling the claim for $40,000 the suit was dropped.

This is a real trip. Can you imagine having walked away from your ex YEARS ago only to be forced to repay part of his debts?

It seems like there’s no way she could have prevented this.



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