Jamie Foxx Hearts Drake: “He The New LL Cool James!!”

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drake and jamie

Jamie Foxx has a Love-Jones for Drake:

“[Drake] has a way with women, in how he portrays himself. His music is … he can go as gangster as he wants, but when he sings, that is the X-factor. A lot of us use the Auto-Tune, but this guy’s actually melodically soothing when he’s singing to females, and I think that gives him a little bit of what my man LL Cool J had. The reason LL Cool J lasted for so long was because he was an absolute monster when it came to battle rap, but he was, when it came to females … there’s not a lady in the world don’t want to be at an LL Cool J show. So, if this guy can capture what I think he can capture, he’ll really have that.”

Jamie, Drake is cool but damn! Stop holding onto his belt loop already. SMH



  • http://Bossip The Old Clifton T. D.C.

    They all on his nut sack!

  • Menominee_Nation

    he’s good, just not great.

  • VJ

    I like Drake, but uh, can we at least hear what single # 2 sounds like before everyone jumps on the bandwagon??


    *blank stare*

    it must take alot to convince me cause i ain’t sold



    I like this dude. Im going to the concert.

  • me (the original)®

    Me neither. He’s alright, musically.

    He’s not good looking at all, I don’t know what women see in him. But then again, there are chicks who think Jay Z looks good, so clearly some people’s eyes are in their ass.

  • missunderstood

    @me (the original)® – you saved me a few strokes.. thx.

  • Nigga Said

    There’s alot of hype surrounding this dude, but I haven’t heard anything that would make me jump on the bandwagon.


    Has anyone heard his mixtape?

  • always knew

    sorry NOT on the drak bandwagon…

    BTW: Jaimie used to have a crush on Prince, the guys he likes are all ________________.

    I love Prince. just don’t think this one carries it like that..

    @tony redd- your right light skinned is on the way back! lmao!

  • Bill Bigsby

    Drake is amazing

  • dayg715

    it’s unbelievable how someone with little to no talent can put out a less-than-mediocre song and be hailed as the freakin’ second coming of Christ. this generation truly does not have a clue as to what real music and real talent is.

  • Jay

    Give this dude a break!! He is new, fresh, can blow, rip the mic on his rap game!! There will always be haters, but you can hate on him all the way to the bank.. Cause rather you feeling him or not, he will sell, cause its only a handfull that aint feeling him! I agree with Jaime, he is like a Lil Wayne and Kanye all n one…IMO



    oh please, you mean its only a handful of idiots that are into this ‘saved by the bell’ knockoff. 6 months from now, people will be saying, ‘drake who?’

  • Rock Witchu

    “the new LL”???? LMAO, not with that face, he isn’t!

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