Coupled Up: Kanye West and Amber Rose Share an “Intimate Moment”

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Well, it seems like Yeezy does not go anywhere without Amber Rose recently. It seems like every other day they are spotted somewhere together, and today is no different. Here they are all bunned up at the Paper magazine event in NYC last night.

To see Amber’s full fit (space goggles and thigh high boots), Kanye’s hair art, and King Latifah being photographed with Liza Minnelli in some yellow Reeboks, pop the hatch….



  • Hannibal

  • Media Source


  • dmariefashion

    Why do yall keep calling Queen Latifah King, I mean I know she’s gay and all but give her some respect damn.

  • The Real Housewife of Brooklyn

    Kaye’s ex should have not been a fashion..(What’s her name again?) designer. Amber brings it!

  • Re

    The back of her head looks like the back of an albino sloth.

    But this is sweet :-)

  • kunta

    slow day for sure

  • .

    For a second I thought this was an albino.

  • tb

    Wonder where they were because it’s at least 200 degrees in every part of this country.

  • Jade Silver

    The Spaceship Convention.

  • imhim


  • South African Sista

    Hey Jade Silver! Ngwana wa ko Pitori…

  • Kanyade

    those are some really yellow kicks.

    this post

  • Jade Silver

    Hey South African Sis… La iphitlha. LOL. How are you?

  • DayShifter

    “The back of her head looks like the back of an albino sloth”

    LOL!! It’s too early to be laughing this hard at work!!

  • Rrrrroe Ski Love- A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

    I have seen many fine woman during their youth. Amber is being crowned way too early, wait until she around 36 to 38 years old and see if her beauty holds up like Halle, Gabby, Garcelle, Nia, Angela etc. Until then she is just another beautiful black woman in her prime. (With no class I might add)

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