New Report Shows That Female Grads Make $8,000 Less Than Male Grads Out Of College Because They Choose Better Majors And Work Longer Hours

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Study Shows Female College Graduates Make $8,000 Less Than Male Graduates

According to a new study, the college graduate salary struggle is very real for female graduates in comparison to their male counterparts.

via CNN Money:

A year after graduating from college, women are earning thousands of dollars less per year than their male peers.
Women who worked full-time jobs one year after receiving their diplomas earned 82 cents for every dollar men earned. That’s according to a report from the American Association of University Women, which analyzed data from a Department of Education survey of 15,000 graduates conducted in 2009, the most recent data available.

While men earned average salaries of $42,918, women earned $35,296 — a nearly $8,000 difference, the report found.

Why the gap? Men typically choose majors that result in more lucrative careers post-graduation, like engineering. Even if men and women major in the same subject, men tend to end up in higher-paying jobs. Men also work more hours, according to AAUW.

Hmmm. This study is throwing a lot of shade towards the ladies… you agree with these findings?

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