The “Rent Is Too Damn High” Leader Says He’s Coming For “Obama’s Black A**” In 2012 Election

Jimmy McMillan, the founder of the “Rent Is Too Damn High” Continue »

The Obamas Spend Christmas In Hawaii (Photos)

barack and michelle obama in hawaii for christmas

On Christmas afternoon, President Obama and Michelle Obama Continue »

What Do You Think Happens Next???

This guy was hopping mad about the economic situation in Romania and jumped to the conclusion that he would do something about it. Continue »

Oprah Speaks On Sarah Palin, Michael Jackson, And Being A “Brand”

oprah winfrey

Harpo gives some insight on various topics Continue »

Bill “Slick Willy” Clinton Is About To Get It Poppin On His 65th Birthday

bill clinton saxophone harlem

SMH at Bill trying to get Jay-Z to perform:

As the only former president who’s also nasty on the saxophone, it should come as no surprise that Bill Clinton knows how to throw a good party! Continue »

Forget The Hoes, Spain’s Christmas Lottery Makes It Rain On The Whole Damn Country…3 Billion Dollars Worth Of Rain!!

Maaaan listen, Spain got it RIGHT with their lottery system! Can you imagine how much money would be distributed if America used this same style? If they don’t re-elect Obama we might have to find some property in Madrid

Spain’s beloved Christmas lottery sprinkled 2.3 billion euros ($3 billion) in holiday cheer across the country Wednesday, handing out winnings eagerly welcomed by a nation facing 20 percent unemployment.

One of the most awaited days of the year in Spain served up merry moments for people struggling to make mortgage payments and pay bills, or those seeking jobs. One lottery vendor said he had hired a medium to lure good luck.

The government-run lottery billed as the world’s richest has no single jackpot but operates a complex share-the-wealth system in which thousands of five-digit numbers running from 00000 to 84999 win at least something. It is known as “El Gordo” (The Fat One) and dates back to 1812.

Tax-free winnings range from the face value of a 20-euro ($26.31) ticket — in other words, you get your money back — to a top prize of 300,000 euros ($394,650).

The sweepstakes, which goes on for three hours, informally ushers in the Christmas season. Many Spaniards spend the day glued to TV sets, radios and computers, waiting to see if they are among the lucky. People often team up to buy shares of tickets sold by bars, sports clubs and business offices.

We need to get a petition started, a youtube video, a demonstration, SOMETHING! But we need this here stateside ASAP!


Coon Of The Day: Mississippi Governor Says Civil Rights Era “Wasn’t That Bad”

Civil Rights

Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour recently scored himself the cover of the ‘Weekly Standard’, however it wasn’t for a noble cause but for the racist comments he made while reflecting on the civil rights era. Continue »

Is John McCain’s Republican BFF About To Be Pushed Out Of The Closet???

Lindsey Graham John McCain

South Carolina Republican senator Lindsey Graham, who along with John McCain is considered one of the “Mean Girls Of the US Senate” got caught up in some Twitter drama yesterday with a notorious gay-politician-outer who’s ready to make Graham his next target. Continue »

Hot 97 Wants No Part Of Cipha Sounds And These Angry NYC Haitians

DJ Cipha Sounds New York Hot 97

DJ Cipha Sounds just found out that he’s not big enough to get away with offending a whole nationality of people with no penalty. And now his big mouth and wack azz joke have cost him his cushy gig at Hot 97 in New York… at least temporarily. Continue »

End Of Days: U.S. Soldier Justifies Raping 14-Year-Old Because ‘Iraqis Aren’t Human’

Steven Dale Green

These are the very same people W sent to Iraq to free them from Saddam and his savages. Continue »

Bolitics As Usual: The State Of New York Hits Gov. Paterson With A Fine Of Over 60 Grand For Accpeting Free Yankees Tickets!!

New York Governor David Paterson has been hit BIG by the state ethics commission for the 5 VIP World Series tickets last year. Continue »

12 Men Arrested In Britain, Suspected Of Attempting Carrying Out Major Terrorist Attack

In what British authorities are calling “the biggest antiterror raid since April 2009″ 12 men were taken into custody after months of surveillance indicated that a plot to attack major cities was in it early stages. Continue »

SMH: Rape Allegations And AIDS Tests Loom Over WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange

Julian assange

This guy just looks shady:

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s lawyers and supporters are up in arms that someone leaked the confidential police report detailing graphic rape allegations against him. Continue »

For Discussion: Should People Have A Legal Right To Seek Assistance In Suicide?

A Georgia woman named Susan Caldwell suffers terribly from a disease called Huntington’s disease, and in 2008 she attempted to kill herself to end her unbearable pain. Continue »