In An Effort To Save A Gut Full Of Human.. Arizona Bans Abortion Based On Race!

Times, they are a changing. So what’s really going on here?! Continue »

For Discussion: Should The US Give Libyan Rebels Weapons??

Libyan Rebels

Despite having made some headway, rebel forces in Libya are realizing that in most instances, when they go up against Ghadafi’s forces, they’re basically bringing rocks to a gun fight. Continue »

And It Don’t Stop: Rebel Forces Bring The Fight To Gadhafi’s Front Porch


No, the conflict in Libya is not over yet. Yes, Muammar/Moammar Gadhafi/Qaddafi is still in power… and U.S. troops are still out there on our dime. Continue »

Update: Libyan Lawyer Who Claimed She Was Gang-Raped By Gadhafi Officials Sued

iman al-obeidi

A Libyan lawyer who claimed she was raped by troops loyal to leader Moammar Gadhafi is being sued by the four men under investigation Continue »

Seven Most Famous Black Republicans Today

Condolezza Rice

Sure, there are more Democrats in the African-American demographic than there are Republicans Continue »

Libyan Woman Claims She Was Gang Raped By The Gadhafi Militiamen, 4 Men In Question

libya woman gang rape

This story is a mess:

A woman who rushed into a hotel to tell foreign reporters that Libyan troops had raped her has been freed and is with her family Continue »

Buddha Take The Wheel: Japan Wakes Up To Another Earthquake And Tsunami Warning

In this photo released by Nexco East Japan, a worker inspects a caved-in section of the Joban Motorway near Mito, Ibaraki Prefecture

The people of Japan are still living on edge, with the constant awareness that at any moment, nature could strike again. Continue »

R.I.P. Geraldine Ferraro Dead At 75

Geraldine Ferraro, the first woman to run for vice president on a major party ticket, died on Saturday Continue »

Nevada Official In Trouble For Saying “They Look Hispanic, So They Must Be Illegal”

Shirley Matson Nevada

SMH. Why the hell would this broad even email this ish??? Continue »

The “Real” Hottest Chick In The Game: Michelle Obama To Speak At Spelman College Commencement

More than 500 graduates of Spelman Graduates Continue »

SMH: Racist Signs Found At University Of Kentucky Calling Obama N-Word


So much for that post-racial America Obama was supposed to usher in. Continue »

Bolitics: The Scary A** Republicans Worry That Their Candidates Won’t Be Able To Beat Obama In 2012

Damn it feels good to be a gangsta Democrat.

That leaves a front pack of four: former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour, and former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich of Georgia.

Normally, winnowing out pretenders would be a good thing. A smaller group of candidates, and a shorter primary than the 2008 cycle, helps limit self-inflicted damage and internal divisions in the party.

However, the dominant response from many Republicans to their current choices remains one of discontent. It has been this way for months, largely because each of the front-runners has a major flaw many think would keep them either from getting out of the primary or from beating President Obama should they win the nomination.

“There is this sense out there of, ‘So, anybody else?’” said Grover Norquist, head of Americans for Tax Reform.

A Pew poll released on Wednesday did not help GOP psyches: Results showed 47 percent of respondents hoped to see Obama elected to a second term versus 37 percent in favor of a generic Republican candidate. The Pew poll did note the lack of a consensus GOP candidate helped Obama’s numbers. But nonetheless, Obama’s numbers are similar to how George W. Bush polled about this far from his successful re-election campaign.

They been scared since Obama got in office. They knew damn well that McCain was their last hope of retaining control of the country. Most of the U.S. never even heard of some of these Republican candidates. Another 4 for Obama!



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