Hoy En Mi Gente News: Latinos Aren’t Feeling New Passport And Chihuaha Toting “Mexican Barbie” Too Tough


Soooo what exactly are they trying to say with the accessories though? Continue »

Good Little Negro Or Stop Tripping?: LL Cool J & Brad Paisley Do Interview Defending Song [Video]

Despite what you think of the song… NOBODY was talking about LL Cool James before this song.

Continue »

Question Of The Day: Are Rowdy Black Women And Wild White Women Equally Depicted On Reality Television?


Does one group of wild banshee breezies look worse than the other?

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For Discussion: Does Making The Morning After Pill Available Over The Counter For All Ages Just Promote Promiscuity? [Poll]

Plan B Pills

Now that you can pick these Plan B pills up anywhere, will more kids start having sex and protection start coming off? Continue »

Question Of The Day: Why Is Pop Culture Pushing Sodomy And The Gay Agenda So Tough?? [Video]

Why is Gay Marriage being pushed by entertainers, media, rappers, and Hollyweird… so hard? (Pause)

Continue »

Race Matters: Jada Pinkett-Smith Asks If It’s Okay To Put White Women On The Covers Of Black Magazines


Would you be upset to find Charlize Theron on the cover of ESSENCE Magazine? Continue »

Question Of The Day: Is Rihanna “The New Princess Diana”????

Rihanna is the New Princess Diana

After an evening of slizzardness and drunken fawkery, Lil Miss Sunshine herself found these publications at her hotel door. Continue »


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