*Exclusive* Imani Showalter Clears Up All The Rumors: From The Reason She Didn’t Marry Her Baller Ex To What She Really Thinks Of Draya

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Only three episodes into Basketball Wives L.A., Imani Showalter has emerged as one of the strongest personalities in the cast… which automatically makes her a magnet for viewer hate.

Last week, when she “came at” Draya, she OFFICIALLY became the most hated on the show… at least for a week. And when rumors emerged that her past might not be any more pristine than Draya’s, people who care about these kinds of things went in!

But as you can imagine, the Imani you see on T.V. isn’t exactly the person she is “in real life.”

Yesterday, BOSSIP caught up with Imani via an exclusive Twitterview during which she took the opportunity to shut down the rumors. Peep the tweets…

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    • Okay

      Lies lies lies lol hilarious! She is far from being in her thirties which is no shame considering she looks good for her age. She lied about Her two kids to her man. Lol. When she was pregnant she actualy wasn’t sure who “the daddy” was. She’s pathological liar and a reformed ho. It’s all good Imani, oops I meant Melissa. Oh wait, is she still claimg that Melissa is her “twin” sister? #liespeopletell

    • meme

      She comes off as someone who is judgmental on the show. All of these women do, except Draya. She said she was concerned and wanted to help her. I don’t buy that. If you want to help someone u don’t gossip about them and call them worthless. You pull them aside and offer advice and talk to them without going back to the other women. And I don’t know anything about her relationship ….I don’t even know who Stephen Jackson is (not a fan of basketball ) but if the stuff people say about her is true it could explain why she was so against draya. Maybe when she looks at draya she sees herself and she doesn’t like that side of her. ….so when she calls draya worthless maybe she felt that way about herself. Also could explain why she’s so “concerned “She wants to stop draya from making same mistakes.

    • Kira

      How is she going to compare “non mother f’ing factor” to calling someone worthless? She’s disgusting.

    • roxisynklaire

      Imani is just as fake as that lace front wig she wears! How dare she judge anyone……hmmmmmm…..I bet her life ain’t all that peachy!

    • prettynana43

      That b!tchh aint nothin but a liar,wit her hateful jealous terrible lacefront wearin azz! N she sound stupid the b!tchh left home at 14,etc etc,n she upgraded Stephen? LMAOoOo,HOW??? SHE JEAlous of everybody,So wat if Malaysia wore a yellow dress heels n her fly handbag! She looked nice! Stop hating b!tch,step ur game up,u raggedy washed up HHOOEE!

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    • kitty Kat

      This bitch is a Hoe fo Sho, everybody in LA knows it, she tries to cover it by saying she’s a soccer mom! Bitch please, and stop it with the bad cheap lace front wigs, You look like Mr. It!

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