Caption This

All-Star Celebrity Apprentice Finale

Here is Dennis “The Worm” Rodman at the All-Star Celebrity Aprrentice Fianle with his blonde mohawk and fake lashes swag in full effect. Continue »

Perverts: Teacher Popped For Repeatedly Raping 13-Year-Old Student In Bed That He Shares With Wife, Then Makes Out With Lawyer In Court???

Reilly Daniel & Annemarie

First and foremost, this man right here is a piece of isht for several reasons, but his wife is supporting him and representing him Continue »

The Side Eye: John Legend’s Fiance Chrissy Teigen Says She Has So Much Anxiety Over Her Upcoming Wedding That She Has To Take Medication

jon and chrissy

Chrissy, girl John hasn’t set a wedding date yet. That’s a bad sign. Maybe your anxiety comes from knowing that your fairytale wedding is doomed. Continue »


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