Kelly Rowland on Suicide Watch???

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Kelly Rowland attends press conference

Say it isn’t so. Your girl Kelly may be bound for a straight jacket and padded room for a minute: Continue »

RiRi’s on a War Path

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Clearly there was some significance to Rihanna’s new aggressive tattoo. Word is, ole girl is prepared to take Breezy down: Continue »

At Last, Cassie is Puffy’s ‘Official Girl’…

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Or at the very least, the ho of the moment – which is probably just as well for Princess Fu*in for Tracks: Continue »

*Exclusive* Darrin Henson’s Perfect Woman: “My Mom, Mother Teresa & Keri Hilson”

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Darrin Henson

Bossip recently sat down with the scrumptious Darrin Henson to discuss his four upcoming films, one of which is the highly anticipated Tekken. And of course we couldn’t let this little jewel slip through our hands when Darrin answered one question in particular:

Bossip: So, what do you like in a woman? If you had to create your perfect woman, who would she be?
Darrin: It would be three people in one. Mother Teresa, My mom, and Keri Hilson.
Bossip: Wow, okay. Well, your mom is probably a wonderful person and we guess it’s pretty obvious why you’d pick Mother Teresa, but tell me why you picked Keri Hilson? Continue »

Jessica Biel Jealous of Swirling in Ciara and Justin Video

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Jessica Biel, for some odd reason, needed to be reassured by Ciara that nothing outside of the shoot happened with Justin. We don’t believe it, looking back at the video:

CIARA has assured JESSICA BIEL she has nothing to fear after the R&B star shared a steamy kiss with the actress’ boyfriend JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE. The Goodies hitmaker teamed up with Timberlake on new track Love Sex Magic – and the pair enjoy a passionate embrace in the accompanying video. Ciara says, “Kissing him wasn’t bad at all…. Continue »

Bossip Certified Links

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Neighborhood Knockout: Nickleberry F-Listed

Josh Hartnett Hospitalized Celebslam

Improper Anchoring Blamed for NFL Players Death at Sea Livesteez

Christina on the Prowl Lossip

Barack Obama Named Top Agent of Change Hollyscoop

Gisele Bundchen is a Baby Thief The Blemish

“Real” Housewife of OC Receives Death Threats Cele|Bitchy

Madonna Visits the Raising Malawi Kabbalah School ICYDK

Jennifer Aniston Behaving Like a Diva I’m Not Obsessed

Tina Turner Does The Running Man

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Tina Turner performs at Manchester Evening News Arena

According to, the word retire means: To fall back or retreat in an orderly fashion and according to plan, as from battle, an untenable position, danger, etc. When your concerts go from being an showcase of excitement and top notch showmanship, to a 2 hour long freak show, it’s time to consider hanging it up. Peep more of Tina Turner along with her haggardly back up dancers at the Manchester Evening News Arena last night when you Continue »

Yeezy Says: “Never Question My MANHOOD!!”

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Kanye West urges the public to stop speculating about his questionable manhood: Continue »

Thug Rapper Says “I Would Rather Be Called a Girl Than a Gorilla, At Least a N*gga Gon’ F*ck Me”

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Max B, the Lil Jim Jones lookalike with the blown out perm and glitter, is on trial for murder at the moment. Him and his boy, French Montana, go at Jim Jones pretty hard in the video below.

Max says he has Jim Jones’ fiance getting freaky on his camera phone amongst some other bullsh*t.

Pop the hood and watch this fool dry snitch himself out, and watch the jail-gayness he displays at the 3:40 mark. Continue »

Fifteen Octomom Workers Fired for Getting too Personal

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Octoho, who’s own mom says she’s unstable, had to let go of free help for accessing her files:

Fifteen hospital workers have been fired and another eight disciplined for looking at medical records of octuplet mother Nadya Suleman without permission, hospital officials said. Kaiser Permanente Bellflower Medical Center reported the violations of health care privacy laws to the state and has warned employees to keep away from Suleman’s records unless they have a medical purpose, hospital spokesman Jim Anderson said Monday. “Despite the notoriety of this case, to us this person is a patient who deserves the privacy that all our patients get,” Anderson said…. Continue »

Judge Pushes For Tax on Medical Marijuana In California

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According to Livesteez, a judge in Cali is acting like he is pushing for the legalization of marijuana, but it’s already legal in Cali. Throwing a heavy tax on the Buddha is what he’s actually trying to do:

James P. Gray, former Orange County judge of 25 years, urges a congressional movement to legalize, regulate and tax the sale of marijuana. According to the L.A. Times, Gray believes that pot consumers over the age of 21 should be able to legally purchase the drug at state regulated government stores. His argument is marijuana “causes nowhere near the amount of death and disease as alcohol. The state would need to see how that works,” he said “before moving on to legalizing the sale of harder drugs.” Grays admits that legalization could lead to a massive escalation of usage but believes it will eventually decrease once the excitement diminishes…. Continue »

Suge Says That Akon Is Snitching

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Suge knight was seen at a L.A. gas station last night with a couple of his goons. The reporters chopped it up with him about the Akon beef and him hanging out with Vanilla Ice

When asked about the Akon beef, he and his goons response was,… Continue »

Keri Hilson: “Diva Beef? What Diva Beef?”

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keri baby

Keri Hilson spoke to on the red carpet of her L.A. album release party. Keri is still on a roll trying to squash the drama surrounding her “Turnin Me On” remix which supposedly calls out Bey and Ciara. Pop it for a vid of her explaining the so-called “diva beef”… Continue »

Scary Spice’s Got Money To Burn

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Mel B is selling her Beverly Hills mansion for a huge loss: Continue »

Sex, Hoes & Video Tapes

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Dig Omarion in an apparent move to prove he’s not playing for team pink. What the hell kinda loser takes pictures of himself his two dollar ho wifey doing a little heavy petting?? We got one more for your perusal on the flip. Continue »


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