Jesus Take the Wheel: Trannys, Drag Queens and Fairies Take Over the Streets of San Fran


Since NY represented with their Stonewall Riots, San Francisco couldn’t be outdone. The streets were filled with gay pride supporters this past Sunday. Looks like a bunch of broke down tranny’s trying to get some hype to us.

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Hoes: Woman Gives BJ For Fritos!


A Frito-Lay employee purchased some head with a box of Fritos:

Sue Smith a 36-year-old woman from Oklahoma, agreed to accept a box of Frito-Lay chips in exchange… Continue »

What is Going on in This Forum

Tiny- Bet Awards

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How Did Tiny Get a Reality TV Show?

Celibacy and Black Women

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In Swirl News: Hank and Kendra’s Shotgun Wedding at the Playboy Mansion


For all you swirl fans out there, Hank and his knocked up bride Kendra tied the knot this weekend at the Playboy mansion with Kendra’s ex Hugh Hefner and his three new side pieces in the audience. That’s some Hollyweird mess for your @ss. How many people do you know get married at their ex’s house? Damn Hank, we can understand choppin’ it down but wifeing her up too? SMH

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Breaking News! Scam Artist Madoff Gets 150 Years In the Joint


Bernard Madoff, the man who scammed so many people out of hundreds of millions of dollars finally got his sentence today. He is going to prison for the rest of his life. Pop the lid for more

“Hey Steph Jones…That White Girl On Your Arm is Not Jordin Sparks!”

steph jones

We ran up on Jordin Sparks’ Swirl-Pimp boyfriend, Steph Jones last night at an underground BET Awards After Party and he was with the pale piece up top who’s clearly not Jordin!

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Just Say No…

Most adults think their kids are too dumb to figure out what is going on. Well the two young boys in the video know exactly what drugs are and how messed up people get when they’re on drugs. Get it together people!

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MJ’s Nanny: “I Had to Pump His Stomach Many Times”


MJ’s Nanny had the inside scoop on everything that went down behind closed doors. She witnessed MJ’s addictive ways and his strange behaviors. Pop the top for more

Black Family Is Terrorized by Latin Gang

Some idiotic and ignorant Latino gang members terrorized a black family in Duarte California by spray painting racial slurrs…IN THEIR HOUSE!

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Who Looked More Bangin?? Bey vs. A. Keys

bey alicia

Here are some more pics from the BET Awards…this time we have your girl Bey and Alicia Keys. Honestly, we think A Keys is puttin a whippin on Bey’s horse tail, but we’ll let you make the call. Who Looked More bangin??? Continue »

Who Looked More Bangin???

keri letoya

Letoya Luckett and Keri Hilson were on the red carpet for the BET Awards this evening and we must ask…Who Looked More Bangin???

Peep more including our girl Taraji when you flip the script…. Continue »

Which One Would You Hit???

jjl mario

Jimmy Jean Louis and Mario hit up the red carpet at the BET Awards, so ladies we must must…Which one of these shady charaters would you let hit that???

Peep more under the hood… Continue »

Look Who Showed Up…

joe jackson

Michael Jackson’s abusive Daddy Joe Jackson made an appearance at the BET Awards tonight…peep under the hood for more… Continue »

Who Looked More Bangin???

ciara zoe

Ciara and Zoe Saldana hit up the red carpet at the BET Awards. You already know… Continue »

Tyra is a Thicky-kins


Dayummm, ya’ll know Tyra’s ass was lookin thick as hell at the BET Awards this year!!! Pop it for waaaaay more… Continue »


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