Debo A** Nene Leakes Laid Hands and Choked Out Kim Zolciak… SMH

nenekimfeud1 copy

NeNe in the words of Coming to America “You Must Be Out Yo Got Damn Mind!!!” Now we told you that this chick Nene is crazy. A police report has surfaced of Nene choking the sh*t out of Kim in Atlanta while filming an episode of the show.

Pop it for the Police Report Continue »

Pride Magazine Tries To Clean Up Nia Long’s Statement About Beyonce Not Being Able to Act

bey nia

Remember two weeks ago when Nia Long was quoted talking a bunch of yang yang about Beyonce???? Continue »

Kickin’ Back with an Old E. and a Duece Duece King Cobra at the White House


Dr. Gates and Ol’ Crowley kicked it with President Obama in the Rose Garden and talked out their beef over a 40oz Old E and a duece duece King Cobra. Everything should be squashed at this point. We HOPE thats the case!!! Continue »

*Exclusive* Still Getting It In Alert: Ciara and 50 Cent


A BOSSIP insider and close friend of the couple say that Ciara and No Cents have been chopping for a minute, but do not like the press involved.

I just talked to 50 and he said to keep it under wraps, but him and Ciara… Continue »

Question of the Day: Is the Black Community Affected by Anorexia & Bulimia???


BET felt the need to bring this topic up on 106th and Park. Their own co-host Rocsi dealt with anorexia when she was a cheerleader in high school, starving herself to maintain an image. This must be a rising problem that is occurring with the youth of America. What do ya’ll think about this???

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Caption This


Here is Kim K. shooting her exercise video yesterday. SMH.

ATL Housewives Premiere… Just In Case You Missed It Last Night


These hoes are crazy and fake as hell now. At first they all hated each other and now they are all buddy buddy. GTFOH… but still no one likes Kim. So let’s break it down… Continue »

Jesus Take the Wheel: Man Gets Caught Screwin A Horse…Again!

Accused Horse Molester

Rodell Vereen is known in South Carolina for chopping down horse backs. He was just popped “with his finger in the pudding”… for the second time!!!:

A South Carolina man was charged with..

Continue »

Guess the Cakes…


Can you guess whose cakes these are?  Flip the hood if your eyes are playing tricks on you and you can’t figure it out…… Continue »

Eminem Rides on Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey In New Diss Track: “That Goes for Nick too…F*ckin F*ggot”


Damn, y’all.  Eminem rides on Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey. He is saying in the song that he chopped Mariah “way” down and he ain’t scared of Nick Cannon. Hell, the song is 3:20 and has features from Mariah’s voice mail calls. Pop it and see him talk all kind of bad about Mariah & Nick…

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L.A. Reid’s Son, Aaron Reid from MTV’s Super Sweet 16, Gets a Reality Show… WHY???


For a nation that is still feeling the effects of the Recession, since they said its over, the networks keep putting money out for new reality TV shows. Aaron Reid the Pilsbury Dough Boy, L.A. Reid’s son, has a show in the works. What happen to college? This kid was enrolled in Morehouse. SMH… Continue »

Toya’s New Man Says He’s No Chris Brown


Lil Wayne’s ex wife Toya has finally moved on from her virus of a baby daddy, and landed a spot next to James Hardy of the Buffalo Bills who is an alleged woman beater. Continue »

Jeezy Explains Beef With DJ Drama

young-jeezy-club33 copy

Jeezy finally breaks down the beef between him and DJ Drama. You all know that CTE(Jeezy’s click) be beating the dog mess out of Drama every time they see him. Well, here is the reason for the beatings:

Tension came to a boil at the screening of the late Biggie Smalls film “Nototorious” in Atlanta when Drama was assaulted by members of Jeezy’s CTE crew according to LA the Darkman, an artist under Drama’s Aphilliates Music Group.

“Drama just started acting like a…Continue

Damn, That Was Fast! Kelis Seen Out with New Seed Already…

kelis and new baby copy

Kelis is pictured here out in Soho, because now she deserves the privilege to shop like she is balling out of control. Miss Bossy was cheesing, taking pictures, and more or less acting like she came up, or it could just be that motherly glow. Is it too early to be out with Knight Jones for photo ops?

Pop it for another… Continue »

LeToya Luckett’s New Music… Is It Hot or Not???


LeToya Luckett is giving it another go with her second album Lady Love that goes on sale in August and her new video debuted on 106th and Park. Her last album sold 165,000 the first week. Does She have the Power to Sustain???

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