December 7th 12:29pm

Birdman Buys New $800-Thousand Lamborghini Aventador

Birdman Buys New $800-Thousand Lamborghini Aventador.

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December 7th 12:24pm

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December 7th 12:16pm

Bolitics: Former Black Panther Mumia Abu-Jamal No Longer Facing The Death Penalty

Almost 30 years to the date since his arrest for allegedly shooting a police officer in Philly, political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal is no longer on Death Row.

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December 7th 12:12pm

9 Dealbreakers For Women

Check out these 9 deal breakers from the woman’s perspective and take a close look at your current relationship- are you living with a potential dead end?

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December 7th 11:13am

Some Holiday Sparkle: Melanie Fiona Gets Glittery And Glam For YRB Magazine

Melanie Fiona and her beautiful little Canadian self is featured in the “Holiday Shine”

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December 7th 10:50am

Queen Latifah Talks To ESSENCE About Changing The Image Of “Curvy” Women In Fashion

Dana Owens is a bigger, beautiful, black woman, and she plans on making a lot of money because of it…

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December 7th 10:37am

TJ Holmes Is Chucking Up The Deuces To CNN

Rumor has it that CNN man banger TJ Holmes is headed elsewhere to get his checks!

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