August 17th 5:26pm

Caption This

Here is Russell Simmons with girlfriend Melissa George

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August 17th 4:51pm

The Seven Deadly Sins Of Dating

Maintaining relationships can be difficult business, and it only grows more complicated as the time and emotion you invest into a partner increases.

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August 17th 4:39pm

Don’t Call It A Comeback: 10 Rappers Who Should Never Resurface

Between Master P attempting to revive No Limit Records and talk of Will Smith planning to release a new album, rappers making a comeback seems to be the new trend in Hip-Hop.

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August 17th 4:12pm

Perverts: Marvell Scott Gets Off With Measly Community Service After Wrongfully “Touching” & “Doing Sex” With A 14-Year-Old

How in the hell did this happen??? In a wrist-slap deal, disgraced ex-WABC/Channel 7 sportscaster Marvell Scott will serve only 20 days

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August 17th 3:58pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Elsewhere On The Web…

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August 17th 3:04pm

Are You Livin’ In The Broke A$$ Burbs?? 10 Of The “Poorest Suburbs”

We all know that the economy is a piece of doo-doo right now, and believe it or not, the suburbs are suffering just as much as the poor cities:

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August 17th 2:06pm

Raven Symone Gets Her Tracks Backs And Puts Her Slimmy Trimmy Belly On Blizzast

Raven Symone was spotted flossin her lil belly piercing out by the hair salon in Studio City.

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August 17th 1:55pm

Motherland Millions and Billions: The 5 Wealthiest Nigerians

It’s a rich nation and these guys are making sure to get their share.

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