October 22nd 5:15pm

Are Willow Smith And Sesame Street Making A Difference In How Black Girls’ Beauty Is Perceived?

NPR declared it “The Best Week Ever For Black Girls,” with “Sesame Street’s” ‘I Love My Hair’ skit grabbing headlines everywhere, and Willow Smith simultaneously holding court over pop culture with the debut of her “Whip My Hair” video.

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October 22nd 5:09pm

Lisa Marie Presley Says Michael Jackson Was Chopping It Down For 7 Years, Drugs Broke Them Up

Oprah‘s going out with a BANG, isn’t she! She snagged Lisa Marie Presley’s first (and she says only) interview about Michael Jackson since his passing. And Lisa made some interesting revelations.

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October 22nd 4:29pm

Why U Can’t Make A Black Woman Happy

A cartoon has hit the net parodying the issues people face dating in a Hip-Hop ridden society.

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October 22nd 3:32pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Gospel Singer Tye Tribbett Talks Cheating On His Wife, Contemplating Suicide (GO) Snooki and JWoww: ‘We’re Into Family Values’ (GO) Will.i.am Defends His Music: “Fawk A Quotable” (GO) Lady Gaga Gets Hairy in London (GO) Teacher With Foot Fetish Investigated For Sex With Student (GO) Halle Berry Is A Size Queen (GO) Kanye West Debuts…

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October 22nd 2:10pm

Hip-Hop’s 10 Most Notorious Baby Mamas

When it comes to baby mama drama, these names top the list of Hip Hop’s most fertile and willing baby making machines. From hoe to housewife, did your favorite gut full of rapper make the cut? Read more at Hip Hop Wired

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October 22nd 1:48pm

Ghetto Physics Director E. Raymond Brown Talks To Bossip About Jay-Z, The Illuminati And Filmmaking

Illuminati Filmaking process E. Raymond Brown is the director of Ghetto Physics: Will The Real Pimps And Ho’s Please Stand Up? The film is opening in Los Angeles today at the The Rave. Please visit ghettophysics.com for showtime information.

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October 22nd 1:43pm

Why Is Ci-Error So In’VEST’ed In These Furry Get Ups???

Ci-Error hit up Philips Arena last night with The-Dream rocking yet another fuzz infested get up.

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October 22nd 1:12pm

Certified Links

Nicki Minaj Named #6 On MTV’s Hottest MCs In The Game List (GO) Beyonce Knowles — Child in Her Destiny? (GO) Kim Kardashian’s Period Bloat in a Tight Dress of the Day (GO) Kelis Signs Modeling Contract (GO) The State of Jay-Z’s Business Empire (GO) PHOTOS: Bisexual Bombshells! Hollywood Stars Who Have Opened Up About…

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October 22nd 12:27pm

Play Calling: 10 Things We Want To See When The Game Returns To TV

You know the TV show, The Game, right? It’s the show that we all ignored on CW until BET picked it up.

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October 22nd 11:11am

From Eviction To Facial Alteration: Meet RHOA’s NeNe 2.0

NeNe Leaks and People Magazine have joined the Obvious Patrol: they want you to know that thanks to plastic surgery, NeNe no longer looks like she did in season one of Not Really Real Housewives of Atlanta. You had no clue, did you?

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October 22nd 11:04am

Facts They Missed About The Eddie Long Drama. SMH.

Unless you’ve been living under a leopard-print pillow for the past month, you’ve probably already heard that four young men have accused Bishop Eddie Long of sexual coercion and abuse.

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October 22nd 10:46am

Are You Serious My Boi??? NY Principal Says “Fawk Textbooks, We Have Wikipedia!!”

This guy sounds dumber than the fawk and like a certified “textbook hater”: A rambling letter from the principal of a Brooklyn middle school was so poorly written and full of grammatical errors that parents and teachers say he deserves a dunce cap.

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October 22nd 10:31am

Measuring The Brand Value of Hip Hop Families From Cash Money to Roc-A-Fella

Entourages have always been part of the rap game. But these days, the entourage is part of the act. From Death Row to The Diplomats, hip hop has turned to creating artistic alliances as a way to build business and a strong brand value.

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October 22nd 10:19am

What Is Wrong With This Picture???

Here’s everyone’s favorite female rapper, Khia. Something is a lil “special” about this picture, but we’re not quite sure what is it. Can you please help us?

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October 22nd 10:12am

Some Morning Cakes

Gucci Mane’s breezy Keyshia Dior, Amazin Amie, Chad Ochocinco’s jawn Ophilia and LA Brown are featured on four separate covers for Show Magazine’s “Black Lingerie” Special Edition

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