October 20th 12:24pm

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October 20th 12:16pm

Can’t We All Just Get Along? A Look At Some Ugly, Nasty Custody And Child Support Battles

When couples that have children split, they have to deal with nasty custody and child support issues. When millionaire couples with children split and there’s more money to spread around, things get even worse.

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October 20th 12:06pm

You Ain’t Know Pharrell Can Flow?! Pharrell’s Best Guest Verses

Pharrell is considered one of the greatest Hip-Hop and music producers of all time, and it’s for obvious reasons.

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October 20th 11:31am

SMH: 30-Year-Old “Adult Baby” Getting Social Security Disability Checks Is Cleared Of Fraud

So the government is still paying for this guy to suck on a “ba ba” and pee pee in his diapers:

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October 20th 10:25am

What Is Wrong With This Picture???

What the HELL is going on in Pittsburgh?!?!

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October 20th 10:07am

Dear Bossip: I Loved Her, Wanted To Marry Her, But She Wanted A Break & Is Now With Another Dude

Dear Bossip, I was in a relationship for 2 years with my ex-girlfriend. We were attached to each other all the time. She wanted to get married really fast.

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October 20th 9:56am

Will You Be Watching?? Tonight Oprah’s OWN Network Will Feature The Film “Miss Representation” About The Depiction Of Women In The Media

This film is said to be a powerful and moving look at women’s issues and how the media has affected our view of women today.

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October 20th 9:50am

Who Looked More Bangin??? The Sparkly Dress Edition

La La Vazquez was spotted out in LA and Jessica White attended an event in NYC last night.

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