August 19th 6:04pm

Chelsea Handler Takes Back Her “50 And I Dated” Story But Says The Sex Was Fun

In case you still needed clarification about what happened between 50 and Chelsea Handler last year, someone asked her about it again this week.

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August 19th 5:14pm

Bad Taste: 9/11 Commemorative Wine May Be The Worst Idea Ever

Of all the things to use to commemorate September 11, wine may be the worst.

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August 19th 5:02pm

Put On For The City: Do You Live In One Of The Most Promiscuous Towns In The Country?

The good folks at OKCupid did some research based on the people that sign up for their dating services and came up with a surprising discovery.

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August 19th 4:54pm

SMH At Rihanna’s Get Up

We know this broad is a style icon but this ish is just ridiculous.

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August 19th 4:04pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Elsewhere On The Web…

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August 19th 2:10pm

End Of Days: Dust Cloud Covers Phoenix For The THIRD Time This Summer!

Mother Nature is still not fawkin’ around these days.

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