October 18th 5:24pm

Quote Of The Day: Magic Johnson Goes In On LeBron James, Clowns Him HARD For Not Being Able To Win A Championship!

Magic Johnson took the time out to let everyone know how he feels about shady BronBron and his non-championship having self:

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October 18th 5:18pm

Scandalous Songs I Probably Shouldn’t Have Been Singing as a Kid

NOW we know what they’re saying, but back in the day? Not so much.

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October 18th 5:12pm

Jesus Take The Weave! Ten Tons Of Yaki Has Serena Williams Going… Bald???

We’re hoping for ‘Rena’s sake that this is some kind of wig/weave cap malfunction

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October 18th 4:25pm

Diggy Ft. Jeremih – “Do It Like You”

Diggy Simmons hooks up with Mr. Birthday Sex for the next single off of Diggy’s upcoming debut album on Atlantic Records.

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October 18th 4:09pm

Are You Feelin’ These Get Ups??: Janet “Miss Jackson If You’re Nasty” And Her Suspect Backup Dancers Take Their Talents To Australia

The youngest Jackson hit the stage in Australia last night and something about the wardrobe for the show just wasn’t right…

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October 18th 3:56pm

8 Dating Truths That Women Refuse To Accept

Sometimes we women make things much harder on ourselves. Why can’t we just take the basic lessons of relationships and life and accept them for what they are?

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October 18th 3:35pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Elsewhere On The Web…

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October 18th 3:23pm

Wanna See What #DemBabies Look Like???

Mariah And Nicky Carey’s twins “Roc and Roe” have finally seen the light of day….well the back of their heads, anyway.

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October 18th 3:00pm

Crazy Marine Goes Against NYPD For Occupy Times Square Movement [Video]

What is this fool wearing that military issued shirt around town for? LOL

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October 18th 2:44pm

Dear Bossip: My Husband Wants Another Child, But I’m Not Ready Becasue I Want A Career First

Dear Bossip, First off, let me just say that I absolutely LOVE reading your no nonsense advice! You give advice that is straight, with no chaser, which is why I’m writing you today.

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October 18th 2:11pm

Who’s Tatted Up NBA Banger Baby Mama Is This?

Meet DeShawn Stevenson’s baby mama and (one of his) main side chicks SMH

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