September 21st 7:51am

The Hood Life: 28-Year-Old Kidnaps All 8 Of Her Kids Out Of Foster Care, 7 Of Which Have The Same First Name

When you first hear this story, your first instinct is to feel for the mother in some way.

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September 20th 6:24pm

Allah Take The Wheel: About 70 People Killed In Three Days By Pro-Government Forces In Yemen

Didn’t they have a meeting to deal with the realness of s*** in Yemen like 5 months ago???

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September 20th 5:38pm

Things That Get My Morning Off to the WRONG Start

It’s morning. And no, don’t starting singing “As We Lay.”

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September 20th 5:35pm

NFL Quarterback Vince Young Holds Press Conference About Man He Says Is Impersonating Him For Sex And Women! [Video]

    Vince… you shouldn’t have to take the lie with the wifey THIS far!

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