June 5th 11:27am

NFL Rookie Gets Fried Chicken And Watermelon Tattoo, Lashes Out At Critics [Photos]

Denver Broncos player Von Miller is stirring up controversy after releasing pictures of his latest tattoo, a piece of fried chicken and watermelon.

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June 5th 11:19am

Eatin’ Good: Christina Aguilera Debuts Her Chunky Cottage Cheese Thighs At “Extra” Event

X-Tina Aguilera hit up the Grove in Cali to host “Extra” with Mario Lopez looking a lil chunkier than usual….

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June 5th 11:07am

This Guy Ain’t Sh*t: John “Ho Hoarding On Donation Scrilla” Edwards Says He “Did Not Break The Law”

Eff this guy: Former presidential hopeful John Edwards pleaded not guilty Friday to federal charges that he solicited and secretly spent more than $925,000 to hide his mistress and their baby

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June 5th 10:58am

Are You Feeling Lauryn Hill’s Latest Concert Get Up??

Don’t feel bad if you thought that was Weezy with short hair at first… we did too.

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June 5th 10:11am

When Her Checks Are Bigger Than His: Kim Kardashian Has Her Lawyers Working Out A Prenup

You know, Kim Kardashian may actually make a good wife after all.

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June 5th 9:58am

Random Ridiculousness: “Mr. Ghetto” And His Walmart Buggy Booty Bouncing Video Makes The Local News In The NO

SMH: New Orleans rapper, Mr. Ghetto, has gained local and national attention for the ‘New Orleans Bounce’ video filmed here in the Crescent City.

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June 4th 1:45pm

The Reality of Man/Woman Friendships

Can men and women really just be friends?

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June 4th 1:43pm

Another Day Another Public Display Of Affection From “WIZBER”

Amber Rose has been sharing little snapshots from her private life on her website.

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June 4th 12:34pm

Guess The R&B Singer With Starry Polish On His Fingernails

This Atlanta singer hangs out with some of the most eccentric acts in music, can you guess which soulful artist brought his starry nails to Hollyweird?

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June 4th 12:26pm

Shaquille O’Neal Makes Retirement Official [Video]

NBA star Shaquille O’Neal held a press conference on Friday to make his retirement from basketball official.

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June 4th 12:17pm

9 Cars of 2011 That Sold Poorly and Had Folks Shaking Their Heads

Here are the models that you may not see next year but may want to buy as a collector’s item.

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