April 24th 12:00pm

The Most Kissable Lips In Hollywood

Who doesn’t love a pair of luscious smackers on a Hollywood hunk?

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April 24th 11:45am

Rihanna Makes History With Her 10th No.1 Single

Having first reigned atop the Hot 100 the week of May 13, 2006, with “SOS,”

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April 24th 10:19am

Coupled Up: More Beyonce And Camel Lovin It Up In Paris

Just in case you’ve been under a rock this week and have missed the wonderful Paris vacation that Jay-Z and Beyonce are experiencing

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April 24th 10:02am

Happy Easter

We appreciate all you loyal readers who have been down with us over the past 5 years :-)

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April 24th 9:42am

Who Is My Daddy???

This handsome little guy belongs to an equally handsome rapper….

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April 24th 9:02am

Easter Mass Draws Large Crowd To Hear Pope Speak, Number Of Atheists Doubled In 10 Years

Pope Benedict XVI urged an end to fighting in Libya, using his Easter Sunday message to call for diplomacy and peace in the Middle East.

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April 24th 8:37am

Gabrielle Is Au Naturel

Here is Gabrielle Union twit-pic’ing her natural hair sans weave, creamy crack, and hot combs…

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April 24th 8:32am

For The Stans: BeyBey Shows Off Some Side Boob Action And Ratty Weave In Paree

Beyonce Knowles is still out stuntin in Paris lunchin it up and chillin

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April 23rd 7:09pm

Congratulations: Miami Heat Player Chris Bosh Secretly Wifes Up Adrienne Williams

Grab the tissues! Chris “CryBaby” Bosh secretly wed his fiancee Adrienne Williams

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April 23rd 7:07pm

Sextra: My Husband is Too Gentle!

Hello Bossip! I promise I’m going to keep this short and to the point. My husband and I just celebrated out second year of marriage and I’m so proud to be his wife

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April 23rd 5:29pm

Jabrai Copney Sentenced To Life For 2009 Murder On Harvard Campus

Jabrai Jordan Copney was found guilty in the murder of Justin Cosby, which took place in a Harvard University dormitory. In a case previously reported in 2009, Copney shot and killed the 21-year-old Cosby, during the tragic crime that is believed to be a robbery gone wrong. In 2009, Copney, a New York City songwriter,…

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April 23rd 3:49pm

Famous Fans Show Up To Watch Helpless From the Sidelines As Celtics Slaughter Knicks On Their Home Court

Knicks fans haven’t seen a home playoffs game in seven years and if last night was any indication, they probably could have used a couple more years of preparation.

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