May 19th 2:21pm

Keep Your Woman Busy! Study Shows That Men Relax More When Their Wives Are Busy Doing Household Sh*t

Men, if you keep your women busy, then you will have a more relaxing life.

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May 19th 2:00pm

The Common Sense Debate Behind Warrantless Searches and Weed

There’s a lot of problems with the Supreme Court’s ruling, but the biggest threat boils down to open season on black communities.

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May 19th 1:05pm

Your Man Completes You? That’s Sad…

“He completes me,” is a phrase used synonymously with falling in love.

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May 19th 12:27pm

A Lil Positivity: Happy Birthday Malcolm X!!!

Take some time to honor the legend.

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May 19th 12:03pm

Certified Links

Elsewhere on the web…

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May 19th 11:41am

C’mon Son! Some Of Hip-Hop’s Biggest Fails

There are millions fails in Hip-Hop. But some become instant classics and are the kind of fails that can really impact an artists’ career.

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May 19th 11:34am

Trey Songz, Who This Woman???

Here’s Trey Songz talking up some light-skinned jawn in a bikini on South Beach…

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May 19th 11:30am

The Financial and Emotional Cost of Being A Bridesmaid

The cost of weddings have skyrocketed and so has the financial pressures on bridesmaids. So, for some brides, celebrating the big day means friendships may change. The Atlanta Post looks at the emotional and financial economics of the bridal party.

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May 19th 11:00am

Hi Hater! Obama Campaign Team Makes Bank Off Trump’s Birther Bust

When Donald Trump toyed with the idea of running for President

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May 19th 10:43am

Jesus Take The Wheel: Six Local Men Charged With Gang Raping Two British Tourists In St. Lucia

Talk about Paradise Lost! The beautiful beaches of St. Lucia became the setting of unspeakable horrors for two British women

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May 19th 10:13am

Coupled Up: Naomi Campbell Rockin A Big Bird Feathery Frock In Cannes With Fine A$$ Billionaire Boyfriend

Naomi Campbell is still out in Cannes stuntin it up, and this time she was spotted with her Billionaire Boy Toy Vladimir Doronin.

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May 19th 10:08am

Random Ridiculousness: Real-Life Basketball Wife Tanya Williams Is Beefin’ With One-Time Over Golf Cart Shenanigans

Why is it that anything that even remotely involves Jayson Williams is batsh*t CRAZY?

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