December 10th 9:00am

Guess Who is in Labor Right Now!?

One of the swirling couples of 09 is giving birth at this very moment. Pop the top and find out who

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December 10th 7:01am

In White Folks News: Nicolas Cage Still On The Ropes With Baby Mama Suing For 13 Milli

Bossip recently told you that Nicky Cage is in the hole for $300 milli. Now, Nic’s baby mama is feeling the effects and needs her cut before it’s all gone: Nicolas Cage’s financial and legal nightmare continues to grow.  Christina Fulton, mother of Cage’s eldest child Weston, 18, is suing the actor for fraud and…

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December 10th 6:58am

Jayson Williams’ Lawyers Don’t Want to Work With His Crazy A*s Anymore

Poor thang: Lawyers for ex-NBA star Jayson Williams want to withdraw from his New Jersey manslaughter case, saying they’ve been unable to communicate with him.

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December 10th 6:35am

What is Wrong With This Picture??

Diddy kicked it with some AOL executives last night in NYC to celebrate AOL becoming an independent company. Something is a little strange in this pic…we can’t quite put our finger on it. Maybe you can help us out. What is wrong with this picture?? Pop the hatchy-poo for additional images…

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December 9th 6:11pm

Kanye and Amber Go See a Healing Therapist… Hmmm

Kanye and Amber were recently spotted in the Dominican Republic getting some much-needed help. Pop the top for more details.

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December 9th 5:45pm

Jesus Take the Wheel:40-Year-Old-Woman Kidnaps a Homeless Woman and Attempts to Remove her Unborn Child

This woman must be deranged because there is no logical explanation for what she tried to do to this homeless woman: Veronica Deramous has some serious explaining to do after the 40-year-old-woman kidnapped a homeless soon to be mom and attempted to forcefully separate the woman from her unborn child, by way of no surgical…

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December 9th 5:15pm

Kim K’s Father Didn’t Approve of Them Dating Black Guys After OJ

Howard Stern had an interview with Kim and Khloe Kardashian. During the show, Howard asked them why they are so obsessed with dating black men and seem desperate to be apart of the black community. The girls also gave details about how their father was not supportive of them dating outside of their race after…

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December 9th 5:15pm

End of Days: Uganda Considering Death Penalty for Gays

What is this world really coming too… SMH. New legislation in Uganda is proposing stricter rules on homosexuals in the country. A new law is under consideration that would enforce the death penalty for gays and imprisonment for their friends. Family and friends of gays that fail to report them could face up to 7…

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December 9th 4:55pm

Quote of the Day: 50 Cent Says “Fu*k the Grammys.”

50 Cent who has been nominated 13 times in the past, but has yet to win a Grammy, recently went off on the awards show.  Peep what he said under the hood.

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December 9th 3:55pm

Text Messaging Indiscretions

As the popularity of text messaging continues to grow, so does the extreme to which some will use text messaging to communicate what they can’t always put into spoken words.

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December 9th 3:46pm

Congrats: Lisa Leslie is Expecting A Baby Boy

Lisa Leslie and husband Michael Lockwood are expecting their second child in May. More details under the hood.

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December 9th 2:52pm

Introducing Nelly’s New Piece

At first, people thought Nelly broke off his relationship with Ashanti for Melyssa Ford, but now we hear it was for another video vixen. Pop the hood to find out who.

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December 9th 2:48pm

Keri Hilson Needs to Hit the Gym Next Time She Decides to Go Shirtless

Keri Hilson performed last week at KIIS FM’s 2009 Jingle Ball in Los Angeles. After seeing these pics from her performance, Keri needs to hit the gym or needs to loosen up them pants because that extra fat that is cliff hanging is not cute at all.

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December 9th 2:40pm

This Chick Tila was Kissing is her Fiancée

According to Tila Tequila ,she and Casey Johnson are engaged.  The two lovebirds announced their engagement by showcasing their rings on a red carpet event we reported on  here. Pop the top for the details.

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December 9th 2:15pm

Hey Snoop, The Lady in the Picture is the Only Woman that You’re Supposed to be Taking Pictures With!!!

Snoop Dogg and his wife, Shante Broadus, were coupled up at the 10th Anniversary Party for Travis Barker’s company, Famous Stars and Straps. This past summer, Snoop was caught on camera with his french skank. Bet that won’t happen again. Pop the Hood for  Tila Tequila doing what she does best… Attention Whoring!!!

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